Promote the Vote Winners

The A+ Coalition sponsored an art contest parish wide asking artists to create works that could be used to “promote the vote” for upcoming elections. St. Mary’s students Ava Wren was selected as the winner for elementary and Lora Cole was selected as the middle school winner. From left are Wren, Cole and art teacher Halie Errington.

Gerald and Lois Andrews attended a tea party for their great-grandchildren, ages 2-9, in St. Louis, Mo., in October. They traveled to their daughter’s home.

“I had made their dresses all alike which they were thrilled with,” Lois said. Five princesses and one prince attended.

The tea party started with a luncheon of turkey sandwiches, fresh fruit bowls and a banana parfait followed by decaffeinated tea and little heart cakes baked with each child’s name on it. The party-goers heard a speech by the Andrew’s granddaughter about rules and etiquette for a proper tea party.

“They listened very carefully. One little girl, Sadie, will be 3 in December. She forgot which finger to hold out and held up the wrong one,” laughed Lois.

The children’s great-grandfathers were their honored guests. Col. Lee Gardner (Ret.) of St. Louis and Gerald of Natchitoches talked to them about what was happening in the world when they were their age.

“They listened very carefully. Lots of great memories were made and lots of fun was had,” Lois said.