Legal, digital ID accepted at polls and by authorities


 Natchitoches Parish Clerk of

Court David Stamey hosted a

commissioner school Oct. 30.

Commissioners reviewed election

procedures and learned

about a new, legal digital form

of ID.

Louisiana’s legal digital driver’s

license, which is an app

called LA Wallet, will be

accepted as a legal form of ID

when presented to commissioners

at Louisiana elections.

The LA Wallet App is made

for Apple iOS and Android.

Download the app, follow the

simple steps. Activate it using

your Apple ID or Google Pay

and for the cost of one premium

coffee, $5.99, it is good for

the life of your current physical

license registration.

An active ID will have the

word “valid” in a green bar

above a digital replica of your

driver’s license.

The digital ID is also legal

for driving purposes per

Louisiana law of Act 625 of the

2016 season.

Advantages of using LA Wallet

The iOS app went Live in the

App Store Tuesday, June 26.

The Android version went

live in the Google Play Store

July 2.

Stamey said he is looking

forward to another successful

Election Day Tuesday, Nov. 6.

The polls are open from 6 a.m.

to 8 p.m. at all 50 precincts

around Natchitoches Parish.

Although schools will be open

Tuesday for the election which

includes federal, State, local

school board and municipal

elections for villages throughout

the Parish.

For questions about where

to vote, call the Clerk of Court’s

office at 318-352-8152 or try the app that gives

full election information.

“The Natchitoches Parish

School system is a great partner

for elections providing

space at Natchitoches Central,

Parks Elementary, M.R.

Weaver Elementary, L.P.

Vaughn, the School Board

Media Center, East

Natchitoches School, Frankie

Ray Jackson School, Fairview

Alpha Elementary and

Provencal Elementary/Jr.

High for all elections. With

school in session for this election,

be courteous and do not

disturb classes since voting

machines will be near classrooms.

Registrar of Voters Debbie

Waskom provided early voting

statistics. Waskom said 2,707

voters chose to vote early.

“Pre election statistics have

24,715 registered voters. We are

still receiving by mail ballots

and will continue to receive

them thru election day,”

Waskom said.

Of the 2,707, there were 1,784

white voters, 809 black voters

and 114 “other” race. More

females voted, 1,515, compared

to 1,192 males. There were 1,300

democrats, 1,007 republicans

and 400 other party votes cast.

Only 288 absentee ballots came

in with the remainder, 2,419

people voting in person.