Tornado tears path through parish


Residents deal with aftermath

Story and photos by Hannah Richardson

Tornados ripped across Natchitoches Parish late Monday, Nov. 5. Meteorologists stated the damages invoked could have been much worse if the twisters had stayed low, however, they picked up and hovered above the tree line in many instances. First-hand reports and home videos depict the tornadoes as they crossed directly over homes, businesses and farms. Some of the hardest hit areas were in Marthaville and south Natchitoches. PLANTATION POINT

Daviona Price

One of the homes with the most substantial damage due to the tornado was the home of Daviona Price. She was not home when it hit but her mother and stepfather, Bill and Beverly Price, were. None were hurt, but the roof shingles were blown off, support pillars were blown away, the locked front door burst open and several windows were broken.

Bill and Kay Ebarb

Bill and Kay Ebarb were home when the tornado came through Plantation Point. Bill received a call and Kay went outside and saw the tornado coming. They huddled in a hallway with their grandchild while it came through. Two trees in the backyard were affected and their garage door was blown in.

Jack and Tiffany Wyer

At the home of Jack and Tiffany Wyer, their metal pipe chimney was blown into the backyard.  Their trampoline was chained to a couple of three foot long mobile home anchors. The tornado broke one and broke the chain on the other.