Two school board races undetermined, new mayors in office


There will be some new faces looking out from school board seats next year. Two races are yet to be determined since none of the candidates earned 51 percent of the vote. Clerk of Court David Stamey said the parish had an unofficial turnout of 44 percent.

“For an election that didn’t feature a President or Governor’s race, we feel it was a very good turnout. I think our citizen’s engagement in the School Board races helped with the numbers being up,” he said. “We have another election Saturday, Dec. 8 that will include the run off for the Secretary of State race, School Board run offs in Dist. 2 and 9 and a millage renewal for Fire Dist. 8.”

School board results from Nov. 6 were: * denotes winner

Dist. 1: *Rhonda Guidroz, 66 percent; Carla Rachal, 38 percent

Dist. 2: Tan’Keia Palmer, 45 percent; Thurman J. Baptiste Sr., 34 percent (runoff)

Dist. 3: *Dorothy McGaskey, 58 percent; Katrina Demars, 42 percent

Dist. 4: *Billy Benefield, 65 percent; Phil Brown, 35 percent

Dist. 6: *Reba Phelps, 69 percent; Elvin Shields, 31 percent

Dist. 7: *Eugean Garner, 51 percent; Kendria Sanders, 49 percent

Dist. 8: *Steve Harris, 66 percent; Tom Collier, 34 percent

Dist. 9: Carroll Daniels, 38 percent, Beverly Broadway, 37 percent (runoff)

Dist. 11: *Emile Metoyer, 52 percent, Jed Cain, 48 percent

Mayoral winners in the parish are:

Campti: Mozella J. Bell

Ashland: Donna Holland Horn

Goldonna: Jennifer Garner Smith

Provencal: Randy Dupree

Robeline: Bobby Behan

Chief of Police winners in the parish are:

Goldonna: Joe Hines

Provencal: Gary Robertson

Aldermen elected to office are:

Clarence: Aretha B. McWright

Goldonna: (three elected) Reed Franklin, Norvel Garner and Fonda Stewart Garner Robeline: (three elected) Bubba Ivy, Pamela Ann Jennings and Gilda Jenkins

Councilmen elected are:

Campti: (five elected) Theresa C. Anslem, Gloria Waldrup Davis, Bence Nicholas, Sarah Ann Reliford and Mary Donaway Collins

In the parish,

Amendment 1: yes, 7,712 votes; no, 3,272 votes. The parish results reflect state results. This vote prohibits non-pardoned felons from seeking or holding public office until five years after completion of sentence.

Amendment 2: yes, 6,432 votes; no, 4,558 votes. The amendment passed statewide. This vote requires unanimous jury decisions for verdicts in noncapital felony cases for offenses committed after 2018.

Amendment 3: yes, 5,762 votes; no, 4.905 votes. It passed statewide. This vote allows donation of the use of public equipment and personnel from one political subdivision to another.

Amendment 4: yes, 5,535; no, 5,175. It passed statewide. This vote removed the authority to use money in the Transportation Trust Fund by state police for traffic control purposes.

Amendment 5: yes, 6,716; no, 3,995. It passed statewide. This vote extended eligibility for certain special property tax treatment to property held in trust.

Amendment 6: yes, 5,223; no, 5,417. It failed in the parish but passed statewide. This vote requires a four-year phase-in of tax liability for homes subject to the homestead exemption when a reappraisal increases assessment by more than 50 percent.

Fantasy Sports: yes, 5,445; no, 5,342. Fantasy sports betting will be legal in Natchitoches Parish.

Fire Protection Dist. 3 renewal: yes, 210; no, 87. The measure passed to renew the 9.52 mills tax.

State elections:

Secretary of State: Kyle Ardoin, 20 percent; “Gwen” Collins-Greenup, 20 percent. (runoff)

US Representative, 4th Congressional Dist: *Mike Johnson, 64 percent

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