Just Talkin’ for Nov. 8, 2018


Natchitocheans and the voters in state in general had nothing to vote on that really affected the national scene.

All we could do was watch the hoopla on Fox or CNN, depending on your preference, to see the out come—whether Trumpism either won or lost. What JT did learn from all the TV pundit’s prattle was how important the state governorships have become and why.

Nationally, with the gridlock in Congress, many of the decisions that would normally be made in Washington are now passed down to the individual state to be implemented. So, the direction the decision goes when it gets to the state level depends on whether the governor is a Democrat or Republican.

The other important thing that will affect all of Louisiana, and particularly Natchitoches Parish, in next year’s gubernatorial election is how the state house and senatorial districts are gerrymandered based on the 2020 census. Right now, Natchitoches is covered by House District 22, Terry Brown, Dist. 23, Kenny Cox, and Dist. 24 Frankie Howard, covering eight parishes overall, and the senatorial district is divided among two state senators, Jay Luneau and Gerald Long, representing nine parishes.

Those representing Natchitoches Parish are doing a good job, but still, none of our representatives live in Natchitoches Parish. Through the years Natchitoches has always been a power in Baton Rouge. We need to be one again.