Just Talkin’ for Nov. 16, 2018

JT’s faith has been restored in human nature. He heard editor Juanice Gray talking about an experience she had recently that proved people, by nature, are caring and friendly. She traveled to a very remote location to do a story. The interview went well and she prepared to make the hour long journey back home. She didn’t get very far.
Her keys were winking at her from the center console cup holder. This was just before 5 p.m. The people she interviewed tried in every way possible to help her retrieve her keys. JT asked if she had a spare. She said she did, an hour away at her home.
Juanice made some calls to her insurance company to call for roadside assistance. Now, that is a good thing to have, unless you are in the middle of absolutely nowhere and the insurance carrier can’t get a ping from a cell phone.
JT laughed as Juanice said they called an hour after the initial call to say their GPS system kept taking them to a field and they finally gave up trying to locate her.
Guess what? She was indeed in the middle of a field. She told the company that, but alas, no locksmith was available to go into the boondocks.
The local authorities were then contacted. Of course the deputy was on the opposite side of the parish resulting in another hour for an ETA. By this time Juanice’s family could have brought her the spare and they could have all been back at home.
Things didn’t happen that way though. During the wait, Juanice and the crew she interviewed chatted. They refused to leave her stranded, no matter how many times she assured them she would be fine.
Juanice said she assured them she was meaner than any coyote that would try to get her.
They stayed regardless.
Shortly after 8 p.m. the deputy finally found them, with a few words of wisdom for the landowner that should they ever need medical help, to load up and go on their own because the place was literally off the map.
Finally, the crises was over and all could leave. After three and a half hours of conversation, the group was still amicable and forgiving, although they too had an hour’s drive to their lodging and missed out on a Grayson’s BBQ supper.
JT, and Juanice, are grateful to those people whose chivalry and human decency didn’t allow them to leave her.
We always hear the bad news, so relish this good news.
JT says there is still innate goodness in people, sometimes it just takes strange circumstances to find it. Bless them all.