Business licensed as brewer


Cane River Brewing Company replied to the Times questions concerning licensing and the postponement of the Brew Sync event. “As a malt beverage manufacturer, we are not required to have a liquor license, but rather a brewer’s permit,” they said.

They further directed the Times to the state’s Office of Alcohol and Tobacco website. Brewers are required to obtain a “Malt Beverage Manufacturer (Brewer) Permit.”  The website states: This permit shall be issued to any person who, directly or indirectly, personally or through any agency, person or establishment, engages in the making, blending, rectifying, brewing or other processing of malt beverages in Louisiana.

Tax Commissioner Jerry McWherter said, “Under the original issue of the license, they had a brewery license and were not going to have a retail license. However, if they now plan to have retail alcohol sales, they will have to get a license to sell alcohol.”

The state website also lists requirements for conducting “on-site sampling” of alcoholic beverages. It states:  The Notice to Conduct On-Site Sampling must be submitted Online at least 7 days prior to conducting any on premise sampling. By completing this form you agree to follow all rules and regulations in regards to samplings, as described, in Title(s) 26 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes and/or 55 of the Louisiana Administrative Code.

In regards to the postponement, the RRBC said, “Due to a slower than expected progression of our timeline for completion, we agreed with Brew Sync organizers that it would be best to reschedule.”