Additional contractor fraud charges filed


On Sept. 13, Rapides Parish deputies responded Earl Linzay Road, Forest Hill, in reference to a report of possible contractor fraud. Upon arrival, contact was made with the victim who stated they had hired a contractor to fix their roof in July and he had not started the job or been in contact with them since. The victim identified the contractor as Charles Nathan Beaudion, 52, of 2533 Hwy 491, Cloutierville, and also stated Beaudion had been paid over $8,000 by check for the work to be performed.

According to the victim, after Beaudion received the check and cashed it, a contract was signed as he promised to return to finish the job (According to LA Revised Statute 14:202.1, a contractor has 45 days to perform the work specified in the contract). According to the victim, Beaudoin never started the job and would not answer any calls from the victim. Sheriff’s detectives began their investigation and uncovered several complaints through the Better Business Bureau as well as other law enforcement agencies about Beaudion’s work and prior arrests for similar incidents.

After a thorough investigation, Sheriff’s Detectives obtained an arrest warrant on Beaudoin for residential contractor fraud $5000-$25,000.  Upon obtaining the arrest warrant, detectives with the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office contacted Rapides detectives and advised of similar complaints on Beaudion in their parish. NPSO advised they would assist in locating and apprehending the suspect.

On Oct. 8, Natchitoches Sheriff’s Detectives contacted Rapides detectives and advised Beaudion was in their custody and is being held on a $100,000 bond in the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center. A hold has been placed on Beaudion for Rapides.  “This was a great effort by our detectives as well as Natchitoches Sheriff’s Office in apprehending this suspect,” said Rapides Sheriff William Earl Hilton.

The original arrest report in Natchitoches Parish follows: On Friday, Oct. 5 detectives arrested Charles Nathan Beaudoin, 52, of 2533 Hwy 491 Cloutierville, on two-counts of Contractor Fraud.

The charges stemmed from two separate cases worked by investigators. One occurred in October 2017 where Beaudoin, under his company Allied Roofing, was paid approximately $29,000 to remodel a residence in the Oak Grove community. After two months the homeowner discovered the house had been dismantled in a lot of areas and never replaced. The homeowner, whom was not living in the house during the remodeling, discovered jewelry missing and terminated Allied Roofing.

The second charge resulted from Allied Roofing being paid $3,000 as down payment to do a roof repair in the Goldonna area in May. As of October no work was done. Under Louisiana Contractor fraud statute, it states that work must be done within 45-day intervals. Rapides Parish Sheriff’s detectives also hold an outstanding warrant on Beaudoin for Contractor Fraud in the Forest Hill area.

Allied Roofing has been under a Cease and Desist Order from the Louisiana State Board of Licensing for Contractors since January 2015. This stemmed from prior contractor fraud charges. In addition, Beaudion was out on $100,000 bond set in March when he was arrested on three counts of Contractor Fraud with the stipulation he was not to commit any criminal acts and was to comply with the Cease and Desist Order. As a result, the District Attorney’s office filed a motion to revoke the original bond and to set a bond on the two recent charges. Judge Desiree Dyess of the 10th Judicial District Court, after hearing evidence Monday, revoked Beaudoin original bond and added an additional $100,000 for the new charges with the same stipulations.

Beaudion was booked into the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center on a $200,000 bond and a hold for Rapides Parish.