Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office Arrests


Oct. 29-Nov. 5

Sydney Elliott, w/f, 20, Maximum speed limit, careless operation, Proper equipment required on vehicles; registration.

Chester Millage, b/m, 27, Entry on or remaining in places or on land after being forbidden, Peeping Tom

Quanisha Holmes, b/m, 21, FTA.

Charles Bowman, b/m, 35, 3 counts FTA.

Zenita Levit, b/f, 23, FTA

Demetrius Blackman, b/m, FTA J

ermaine Lacaze, b/m, 37, FTA

Zillah Johnson, b/f, 23, FTA

Shindy Culbert, b/f, 28, disturbing the peace

Rob Moore, b/m, 26, 2 counts FTA

Tony Pennock, w/m, 39, FTA. Nov. 7-13

Andrew Jermaine Thompson, b/m, 39, FTA, driving under suspension, no insurance.

Cody Foster, b/m, 33, 2 counts Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

Shaquille Robinson, b/m, 23, 2 counts FTA

Jaqwon Wallace, b/m, 29, FTA

Joe Weller IV, b/m, 35, driving under suspension.

Jermaine Hickman, b/m, 32, 2 counts FTA.

Khalil Tousant, b/m, 32, DWI first, No driver’s license, driving left of center.

Zacary Shepard, w/m, 29, DWI 1st open container, failure to dim

Nicklas Harvey, w/m, 23, DWI 1st, proper equipment, expired plates,

Malik Claiborne, b/m, 19, Underage operating while intoxicated, Abandoned motor vehicle defined; posted notice.

Timothy White, b/m, 47, DWI first, expired plates, driving left of center.

Elizabeth Harnage, w/f, 29, DWI-2nd offense, driving left of center, driving under suspension, no driver’s license on person.

William Godfrey, w/m, 22, DWI first, modified exhaust, unsafe vehicle. Micah Collins, b/m, 26, theft.