Garbage rates to increase nearly $2


Backdoor recycling pickup discontinued

By Carolyn Roy Backdoor pickup of recycling will end and garbage rates will increase nearly $2 for residential customers when the City’s contract with Waste Connections Bayou Inc., starts Jan. 1.

The ordinance for the new garbage contract was introduced at the City Council meeting Monday with the vote to come Dec. 10. Monthly rates will increase from $19.82 to $22.70 for residential customers; and from $34.48 to minimum of $38 for commercial customers.

The rate of $22.70 applies to residences, trailer or manufactured housing and apartments. Commercial applies to hotel, restaurants, offices, businesses or professional houses, retail or wholesale and other commercial enterprises. Bundles of brush and trimmings should be 48 inches long and weigh no more than 50 pounds. Bulky items should not exceed three cubic yards in volume and weigh no more than 100 pounds. Pickup will be between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. There will be no weekend service except in the event of natural disasters or emergencies. The other major change is that the company will discontinue backdoor pickup of recycled goods. Residents can use both the blue and green bins for garbage starting Jan. 1.

The City will provide recycling bins at the Public Works Department on Mill Street during normal City operating hours. Recyclables include newspapers, magazines and catalogues; metal cans of tin, steel and aluminum, excluding scrap metal; plastic containers; corrugated boxes and cardboard. Mayor Lee Posey said he hopes to start recycling education programs in local schools. During public hearings in August, Posey said keeping backdoor pickup of recycling could have cost the city $365,000 more than the current contract. At the meeting Monday, Posey said he expects the rates to stay the same for the next five years. The City could have saved money had it gone to curbside pickup rather than back door pick up.

In other business, the council approved rezoning for Ribfin Smokehouse and Restaurant at 5386 University Parkway, the site of the former Burger King. Owners are Michael Carbo and Spencer Marks who also own Popeye’s and Dairy Queen. They expect to open in about two weeks.

The council passed a new ordinance governing food trucks and carts. They must operate in a commercially-zoned area; not operate on private property except as a caterer and selling only to property owner; must have a permit to park on public property except in parking spaces; not operate within 50 feet of the entrance to a business selling food for consumption; and not park on Front Street except when it is closed to traffic in a special event. The cart or truck must not occupy an area wider than 8 feet or longer than 35 feet. Owners must apply for a license from the Natchitoches Tax Commission. That license will cost $100 per year. Posey noted the passage of an ordinance awarding the bid for a water main replacement in East Natchitoches to David Lawler Construction Inc., of Shreveport. The bid is for $808,755.

The contractor will replace metal pipes with PVC. Posey said the project is a continuation of his plan to upgrade infrastructure. It began in West Natchitoches and will continue in areas that have the most problems.