Pups visit NSU students at Watson Library

Bo stretches out for more room for petting

By Hannah Richardson, lifestyleeditor@natchitochestimes.com, 318-352-3618 ext. 221

Amy Lee and Finn

Students at Northwestern State University received some smiles from Humane Society shelter animals as they visited Watson Library Monday, Nov. 26 for the Dogs in the Library event.

From left are Paul Bryant with Anita, Hannah Worley with Sugar, Emily Smith with Bo, Kelli Hickerson with Willow, Sara Rebstock with Bella and Madison Lejeune with Finn.
Photos by Hannah Richardson

This is the second semester the library has hosted the event, with the pups serving as comfort dogs to students and other visitors as they prepare for finals and other stresses that come with the end of a semester.

Several students came to visit the dogs, including senior business administration major Ysmina Smith, who said the event was great to relieve stress as students get caught up in the middle of studying.

Yasmina Smith and Sugar

She and fellow classmate and soccer teammate Courtney LeJeune have been so looking forward to this event that they have asked staff several times when the next one will be.

Smith said she’s certainly looking forward to the next Dogs in the Library event, and surely several of her peers are in agreement!

Sara Rebstock