Call of the Wild – I can’t wait till..


Outdoorsmen and women have a lot to look forward to in our great state. Beginning in January let’s take a look at what I personally anticipate in the upcoming months. At this point I’m typically looking at a chance for my first rabbit hunt of the year. Add to that a chance to make a couple of squirrel hunts with the use of dogs. After that’s passed by I then begin to await the sac-au-lait spawn. As soon as I’ve caught enough of those to be satisfied, it’s then time to focus on the upcoming turkey season.

This incredible and time consuming sport usually brings me to the month of May when the catfish bite in Lake Verret, Lake Palourde, and Des Allemands areas begins to take form. The sac-au-lait that had been caught earlier are usually gone by then and a couple catches of delicious catfish come in handy. It’s now time to catch a couple messes of bream before heading to the coast to fish for those tasty speckled fish that we all seem to love so much. With the saltwater now in my veins it’s hard not to make an offshore trip into the vast Gulf of Mexico, not to mention the hot crab action in our coastal waters.

A half a year is now gone and believe it or not the action only gets better from this point on because I can’t wait to start my summer bass fishing trips. Then comes the first day of dove season and teal season in Venice where the bass and redfishing can be fantastic during the turn of the seasons.

Next on the calendar is my favorite-the first day of squirrel season and the following weekends of exploring the woods. That leads up to the years’ duck and deer season. That will about wrap it up for a full year of I can’t waits but there’s actually one more. I can’t wait until there’s peace on earth….

Till Next Time,

Happy Holidays to You and Your Family,

James “Goosie” Guice