Parish and City Jailbooks – Nov. 20-25


Natchitoches City Police

Bernard Miles, b/m, 24, 515 Virginia, FTA T

almon Curtis, b/m, 20, Possession of stolen things.

Robert Hamm, w/m, 59, 609 Watson Drive, possession of schedule II, possession of drug paraphernalia, keeping a disorderly place.

Brynie Roberson, b/m, 22, 1318 Breda Ave., domestic abuse battery.

Regis Howard, b/m, 26, 1560 Hwy 491, Cloutierville, possession of sch. I, possession of a firearm by convicted felon.

Christa Daniels, b/f, 34, 1815 South Drive, Lot 1342, 2 counts FTA

Johnathan D. Williams, b/m, 33, 204 Kingston Drive, FTA

Jordan Owens, b/m, 20, 303 Hwy 1225, possession of stolen firearm

Marcus Beaudion, b/m, 28, 1317 Amulet St., domestic abuse battery.

Keshia Farley, b/f, 40, 2599 Hwy 71, Campti, disturbing the peace by public intoxication.

Ebonie Slate, b/f, 28, 107 Lewis Loop, Natchez, 2 counts FTA

Michael Wayne Carter, b/m, 26, 190 Hwy 119, Apt. #9, Natchez, FTA,

Shernilea Slate, b/f, 33, 162 Lewis Loop, Natchez, child desertion.

Denesha Bernstine, b/f, 140 T-Joe St., simple battery of infirmed, 2 counts simple battery, disturbing the peace by language

Alvin Holden Jr., b/m, 20, 144 Cherrie Loop, resisting an officer

Brandon McHenry, b/m, 19, 1414 Hwy 1 Apt., 402, Powhatan, aggravated assault.

Simco Morris, b/m, 22, 1414 Hwy 1 Apt., 402, Powhatan, aggravated assault.

Wardell Edwards, b/m, 17, 1414 Hwy 1 Apt., 402, Powhatan, aggravated assault.

Larry Edwards, b/m, 21, 1414 Hwy 1 Apt., 402, Powhatan, aggravated assault.

Lonnie Colbert, b/m, 35, 210 A Fifth St., remaining, resisting an officer.

Latroy Emett, b/m, 32, 113 Duncan Road, Pineville, aggravated burglary, disturbing the peace.

William Bell, b/m, 46, 112 Royal St., 2 counts FTA

Jeremy Rainey, b/m, 39, 837 Jordan, theft.

Aquanella Remo Lowe, b/f, 45, 142 MLK, theft

Carlos Bivens, b/m, 37, 203 Tammye Lane, simple possession of marijuana

Asia McGraw, b/f, 22, 229 Fairgrounds Road, Apt. F29, FTA, simple battery.

Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office

Dalton Basco, w/m, 19, Emanation of excessive sound or noise; exceptions; penalties, simple battery.

Thomas Grey, w/m, 18, Emanation of excessive sound or noise; exceptions; penalties, simple battery

Donald Berry, w/m, 60, domestic abuse battery.

Shelby Parrish, w/f, 24, 2 counts FTA Jeremy Burton, b/m, 32, Penalty for distribution or possession with intent to distribute narcotic drugs listed in schedule i; possession of marijuana, possession of synthetic cannabinoids, Operating vehicle while license is suspended, To display or cause or permit to be displayed or have in possession any registration certificate, or registration number plate, knowing the same to be fictitious or to have become cancelled, revoked, suspended or altered.

Ebony Helaire, b/f, 32, resisting

Richard Weaver Jr., w/m, 53, armed robbery

Calvin R. Carpenter, b/m, 36, DWI, Unlawful refusal to submit to chemical tests; arrests for driving while intoxicated, resisting an officer, Driving on roadway laned for traffic, Possession of alcoholic beverages in motor vehicles, Use of certain wireless telecommunications devices for text messaging prohibited, Operating vehicle while license is suspended

Antoria S. Forest, b/f, 25, disturbing the peace by fighting Ebonie N. Slate, b/f, 28, disturbing the peace by fighting.

Alicia Petite, b/f, 34, arson, aggravated battery, simple criminal damage to property

Shelly M Soileau, w/f, 38, DWI first, open container