Property taxes go up $2.8 million


Tax notices sent to residential and businesses owners in both the City of Natchitoches and the Parish of Natchitoches are expected to yield $34.6 million this year to fund governmental operation. That’s an increase of $2.8 million over last year, which is about a 10 percent increase. The tax bills, approximately 27,318 in all, are due by Dec. 31. If not paid by the last day of the year, interest is assessed to those considered delinquent. The property tax rates that appear on your bill are listed in millage rates. A mill is equal to $1 of tax for every $1,000 of assessed taxable value.

This chart shows property tax assessment comparisons for the City and Parish of Natchitoches from 2017 to 2018.

If your tax notice shows your taxable value as $10,000 and your total millage is 80, then your tax bill would be $800. The revenue is then distributed among the taxing bodies based on their millage. Millage rates are set by the various taxing bodies and then approved be the Louisiana Legislative Auditor. Parish property owners will be paying $2.89 million more this year than last while the City of Natchitoches property owners saw their tax bills decrease by $16,132 when compared to 2017. The City of Natchitoches property taxes is set to generate $2.19 million.

A year ago, the city property tax revenue was set at $2.2 million. In the parish however, the 2018 tax assessments are expected to generate $32.4 million. Last year parish property owners were set to pay $29.5 million in property taxes. Natchitoches Parish Tax Assessor Dollie Mahoney says the total property assessment for Natchitoches Parish (including the City of Natchitoches) is $351 million.

A year ago the assessment was $340.1 million. All of that $11.8 million increase came in the parish. The parish’s assessed value of property went from $210 million in 2017 to $222 million in 2018. In the City of Natchitoches, the assessed value of property actually dropped. In 2017 the assessment of property was $129.6 million while in 2018 the assessment was $128.6, a decrease in evaluation of $947,320.

Mahoney said a number of factors came into play this year to see the increase in the parish. She pointed to some equipment and improvements by businesses that had been under a 10-year exemption from assessment in years past and no longer are because the exemptions have expired. Mahoney also cited recent elections in which voters approved new or increased taxes for certain districts or areas. Specifically, she mentioned the Natchitoches Parish School District No. 9.

Voters in that district, which includes the city schools, passed a new tax in place of one that was expiring. In doing so, the increased millage more than doubled. In 2017 the District 9 millage was seven mills but voters approved an increase to 15 mills last year. She said public services, i.e. utilities, lost a lot of value between the two years.

She said some pipeline and utilities are no longer in the parish and one company’s tax bill, which had been attributed to Natchitoches Parish in the past, is now assessed in another parish.