Brew Sync postponed again; Planning for mid-January

Rodney Harrington released the following statement concerning Brew Sync, a fundraiser for the Jazz Festival:
When we had to postpone Brew Sync back in November because the Brewery was  not quite ready, we debated whether to try and reschedule as soon as possible or to postpone it to January.  We knew there would be pros and cons of both.
Ultimately, we decided to try to reschedule it as soon as possible because we felt that we wanted to try to keep the momentum and excitement that had built up for the event, and we knew that the teams had worked up their routines.
We settled on Dec. 4, because it was past the Christmas Festival and we hoped there would be less going on, on a Tuesday.
Almost immediately, I began receiving calls and messages from several of the teams who stated they would be unable to participate Dec. 4 for one reason or the other (Chamber of Commerce Christmas Party, NSU Athletics Christmas Party, etc.). In fact, there were only three or four of the 16 total teams who could absolutely commit to being there and performing on Tuesday.  Every team we spoke to, however, said they could perform in January and would look forward to doing so.
Accordingly, we have made the very difficult decision to postpone the event a second time.  We will be very quickly rescheduling it to early to mid-January.