Just Talkin’ for Dec. 6, 2018

The Christmas Festival was amazing!
The weather was beautiful. The parade was great. The fireworks were beautiful.
The most amazing thing to JT though was the morning after. On his way to church he was just amazed to see how spotless and clean the streets were after the festivities. JT’s hat is off to all the maintenance people who worked most of the night and early morning cleaning up the city. Their efforts are appreciated.
JT does not want to forget  law enforcement and all those involved with traffic management. They did a great job of getting the traffic out of the city.
JT viewed the fireworks on the opposite bank of Cane River from where his home is located. Past years, it took JT about 45 minutes to go around the bypass and get home. This year, over the same route, it took JT just 25 minutes. It was not enough time for JT’s road rage to build and comment about traffic control.
Not only did the police do great with the traffic, they managed the whole crowd well. JT has not heard of any incident where the crown was unruly.
One of the biggest excitements on the East Side of the river, other than the fireworks, was when a spark from a firework burst fell on a manager decoration on St. Clair and caught the bale of hay on fire. Gee… What do you say, Holy Smoke!
JT is not scientific when it come to counting the crowd Christmas Festival day. But he has two pretty good predictors. The first is the traffic on South Drive going south. JT wonders where all those people are going. Are they leaving the city? Saturday morning by 10 a.m., traffic was bumper to bumper.
The second is the number of cars in the Broadmoor Shopping Center parking lot. If it’s a cloudy or rainy day, there are few cars in the lot. If the sun’s shining and the weather is nice, the parking lot is full. Saturday by noon, the parking lot was jam packed with cars.
So if you put those two factors together, there was a big crowd Saturday.
Christmas Festival Day had parade watchers and festival enthusiasts lining the streets and riverbank. While crowded, and yes, lots of elbow pushing, it didn’t diminish our Southern Hospitality as people smiled and muttered, “excuse me, coming through” while pushing through crowds. JT watched as visitors stopped by an array of vendors serving delicacies such as deep-fried oreos, gator-on-a-stick and funnel cakes. (Boy, didn’t the atmosphere smell good!)
Strangers danced with each other throughout the day and relaxed side by side while making idle chit-chat on the riverbank while waiting for a fantastical and exciting fireworks display.
Amid the glowing reports of a picture, and weather perfect 92nd Christmas Festival, swirl the chaos of murder, mayhem and tax evasion.
The Hannah Barker case, where she allegedly masterminded the plot to kill her baby, was updated Monday with her plea of not guilty.
JT knows every time her name, or the name of her alleged accomplice, is heard, everyone relives that night when little Levi Cole Ellerby was found with burns over 90 percent of his tiny body. A sweet, blue cross memorializes the location.
JT is happy to see the parties charged with the crime will have plenty of time to reflect while incarcerated. Barker’s trial is more than a year away, in 2020.
JT is also closely watching the ongoing saga of unpaid  taxes by the newest hotel in the City, the Chateau St. Denis.
JT got a sneak peek at owner Warren Reuther’s letter to the State.
JT cannot help but draw a parallel between the fact that the hotel did not pay taxes because, allegedly, the tax commissioner said they didn’t have to.  Does it not make you think of a similar situation in another City department?
That department head didn’t charge fees. He is no longer with the City. Will the outcome of this escapade end the same way? Only time will tell.
JT may just be old fashioned, but he believes rules are made to abide by, and that those rules, and sometimes laws, are meant for everyone and they should be interpreted the same across the board.