Parish and City Jailbooks –


Nov. 25-Dec. 5
Kenyetta Jefferson, b/f, 39, 310 Ragan St., Lot 1, aggravated battery, violation of a protective order.
Daniel Beaudoin Jr., b/m, 32, 301 Ragan St., Lot 1, domestic abuse battery, violation of a protective order.
Irvin Remo, b/m, 25, 760 Abbie Drive, aggravated assault, illegal carrying of weapons, possession of a firearm by convicted felon, resisting arrest
Chris Lacour, b/m, 47, 617 Abby Drive, theft, 5 counts FTA.
Clarence Jenkins, b/m, 17, 709 Brahma Drive, obstruction of public passages, interference w/officers, disturbing the peace by language.
Daniel Ray Wolf, b/m, 39, 1318 Breda Ave., 3 counts FTA
Adrianna Rachal, b/f, 20, 419 Julie St., domestic abuse battery
Jeromy Jackson, b/m 27, 100 Hazel, Apt. #110, battery of a dating partner, attempted carjacking, simple assault, attempted purse snatching.
Christie Daniels, b/f, 34, 105 Rowena St., criminal trespass, counts resisting an officer
Taliyah Coutee, b/m, 19, 240 Fairgrounds Road, #11, FTA
Christa A. Daniels, b/f, 34, 116 Ann St., theft of goods
Dexter Aught, b/m, 22, 823 MLK Drive, FTA
Marvin Proctor, b/m, 32, 132 Oyster Creek Drive, Houston, FTA
Quintel Eames, b/m, 31, 243 Melle St., 3 counts FTA
Sharon Jackson, b/f, 49, 1405 Amelia St., possession of stolen things
Robbin Jackson, b/f, 25, 1405 Amelia St., simple burglary, illegal possession of stolen things
Trenton V. Law, b/m, 47, 310 Brickyard Drive, 2 counts FTA.
Martrevious T. Lard, b/m, 27, 610 Winona St., 4 counts FTA
Bryant Batiste, b/m, 24, 1834 Rock Ridge Drive, Houston, Texas, simple battery.
Decarlos Randolph, b/m, 24, 832 Lafayette ST., expired plates, FTA, flight from an officer, no drivers license, no turn signal, no insurance.
Okyeame Thompson Jr., b/m, 19, 3131 Desern Moon Ave., Rosamond, Calif, illegal carrying of a weapon, possession of weapon w/obliterated serial number.
Jermaine T. Williams, b/m, 48, 1191 Dorothy St., FTA
Donavon Solitaire, b/m, 18, 102 Main St., Natchez, simple possession of marijuana.
Ashley Frank, w/f, 17, 425 Rue de Gabriel, disturbing the peace
Kadaja R. Jackson, w/f, 17, 500 North St., R2, damage to property, resisting an officer.
Christopher Elie, b/m, 34, 301 MLK Drive, flight from an officer
Marcus Slaughter Jr., b/m, 20, 908 Pacific Ave., Boyce, 2 counts FTA
Jahron Speed, b/m, 22, 712 Washington St., Coushatta, 3 counts FTA.
Myesha Mitchell, b/f, 28, 204 Michelle Drive, 3 counts FTA.
Dextalitria Hymes, b/f, 21, 266 Gibson St., second degree battery
Krystal Darbonne, b/f, 29, 137 Vienna Bend Drive, 4 counts FTA.
Mysti Bedgood, w/f, 29, 119 Pine St., Goldonna, theft.
Ladarrion Moore, b/m, 27, 613 Rowena St., sexual battery.
Peyton Butler, w/m, 19, 934 Third St., disturbing the peace by public intoxication, resisting an officer.
Vincent Charles Cofield, b/m, 54, 1556 Texas St., stalking
Imani Newman, b/f, 44, 1620 Deblieux Dr., FTA
Tiffany C. Calvin, b/f, 35, 306 Watson Drive, FTA
Patrick Taylor, b/m, 53, 1003 Clarence Drive, theft, possession of drug paraphernalia.
Jeremy Rainey, b/m, 39, 837 Jordan St., possession of sch. I, II and drug paraphernalia.
Donald Harrison, b/m, 27, 409 MLK Drive, home invasion
Louis Washington, b/m, 67, 326 Gibson St., shoplifting.
Gregory Tyler, b/m, 26, 406 Rowena St., disturbing the peace.


Nov. 20-Dec. 5
Steven Rudolph, w/m, 33, Operating vehicle while license is suspended; security required.
Sarah Lee, w/f, 28, two counts FTA
Gerald Martin Calais, b/m, 40, domestic abuse battery.
Christa Daniels, b/f, 34, two counts FTA
Brock D. Riggs, w/m, 3-0, domestic abuse battery, simple criminal damage to property
Mark Lewis, b/m, 40, simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling.
Cheryl Benjamin, b/f, 47, disturbing the peace by intoxication.
Whitley LaCour, b/f, 29, Operating while intoxicated; first offense, Operating vehicle while license is suspended; Secretary to require periodical inspection
Gerard B. Silas, b/m, 36, speeding 100/75, no driver’s license
Keith Sarpy, b/m, 28, violation of a protective order
Dylun Vanmatre, w/m, 19, Emanation of excessive sound or noise;
Simple battery
Alvin Holden Jr., b/m, 20, FTA
Asanta Curel Belton, b/m, 22, felony theft
Brandon Quick, w/m, 33, domestic abuse battery, domestic abuse with child endangerment.
Joshua Paul Bergeron, w/m, 19, simple possession of sch. I, criminal trespass.
Sarah Jane Bergeron, w/f, 21, criminal trespass.
Jamie Justice Stewart, w/f, 21, criminal trespass.
Bernard Miles, b/m, 24, FTA
John J. Moore, w/m, 51, reckless operation
Ricardo K. Howja, b/m, 21, fTA
Diannia Coleman, w/f, 51, Unlawful refusal to submit to chemical tests; arrests for driving while intoxicated, Operating vehicle while license is suspended
Kristen Alford, w/f, 22, possession of drug paraphernalia.