Just Talkin’ – Dec. 13, 2018


JT wasn’t there…but he can only image the surprise last week when La. Attorney General Jeff Landry walked into the Natchitoches Parish Courtroom for a hearing on the suit against the Red River Waterway Commission. Landry was there with state lawyers to argue against the seating of the Commission’s newest member. They are arguing Governor John Bel Edwards should have appointed someone from Caddo Parish were the vacancy occurred and not from Rapides Parish where the Governor chose… to fulfill a campaign promise to Rapides Parish leaders. Landry and the state’s legal staff were facing off against the Governor’s team that included local attorneys Taylor Townsend and Edwin Donahoe. (Both were Edwards supporters who just so happen to have ended up with a few favors thrown their way from the Governor…but that’s just Louisiana politics.) Anyway, the hearing last week didn’t settle anything. The judge took it under advisement. The real fireworks should probably come in February when the case goes to trial. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Gov. Edwards was called to Natchitoches to testify?


Speaking of attorneys…JT read an interesting piece from a Winnfield lawyer who is predicting the end of the State Bar Association. A recent Supreme Court ruling has gone against an association that requires all members of a certain profession to be members of that association. Basically, you can’t be forced to join a union, trade group or association. That is something that the Louisiana Bar Association requires. Apparently to practice law in Louisiana you have to be a member of the state Bar Association. What an interesting debate and fallout that might generate.


Hasn’t our December weather been crazy? We’ve had it all. We had a Christmas festival where you can wear shorts and a T-shirt, enough rain to almost make Cane River navigable and near freezing temperatures for almost a week. And we’re just 13 days into the month! Who knows what we can expect the last 18 days of the month?  We certainly can’t depend upon the weather forecasters from Shreveport to get it right. One good thing about the cold spells is that JT hears heater sales in town have gone through the roof.