Poleman receives scholarship from professional association


NATCHITOCHES – Answering an e-mail has turned out to be very beneficial for Taylor Poleman as the Northwestern State University student has been awarded a $3,000 scholarship from the Risk Management Association Foundation.

The scholarship is presented to students interested in working in the banking industry after graduating. Poleman, a senior business administration major in the Louisiana Scholars’ College at Northwestern State from Shreveport, plans to graduate in May.

Poleman has worked the past two summers as a Risk Management Pathways intern for the FDIC in its Shreveport field office.

“The College of Business sends out a weekly email with job/internship opportunities, and I thought I would give it a try,” said Poleman. “I ended up really enjoying it, going back for a second summer and getting a permanent position after graduation.  After learning so much about the industry, I really enjoy the numbers, of course, the behind-the-scenes aspect, and the fact that I have the opportunity to help people in such an important area of life.”

During her internship, Poleman travelled with a team from the field office, visiting individual financial institutions in Louisiana and Arkansas to complete on-site bank examinations. Poleman worked with the field office team to evaluate financial statements and bank reports and examine each institution’s CAMELS components. Her supervisor and other examiners trained Poleman in the examination practices.

“I enjoyed it so much that my thesis topic is banking,” said Poleman. I will evaluate the differences between the US and European Union bank failure resolution processes.”

Poleman said discovering the behind-the-scenes of the banking world while at the FDIC was intriguing.

“I had no idea the complexity of banks before this experience, much less about the regulatory dimension,” said Poleman. “I am a numbers person, so evaluating all of the financials is very fun and interesting for me. I also appreciate the qualitative aspects of getting to know these community banks and their practices. Getting into the federal level of banking also excites me, as I look forward to making sure that financial institutions do everything in their power to keep the best interests of the economy and their customers a priority.

“Between the technical aspects of my job, to the ability to be a contributing member of an agency that protects people and their funds from unsafe practices, something I would
have never expected in banking.”

At NSU, Poleman has worked in the Office of University Recruiting as a student ambassador. She was a member of the Student Advisory and Outreach Board and Alpha Lambda Delta. Poleman served as a Quality Enhancement Program student representative.

The Risk Management Association (RMA) is a not-for-profit, member-driven professional association serving the financial services industry. Its sole purpose is to advance the use of sound risk management principles in the financial services industry. For more information on the Risk Management Association, go to rhahq.org.

Taylor Poleman