Planning Commission to consider subdividing properties


There appears to be a short agenda for the Natchitoches Parish Planning Commission when it meets Jan. 7 at 5 p.m. in the Parish Council meeting room in the courthouse. The first item will be to consider a request of Chief Rufus Davis Jr. to subdivide 7 acres for purpose of a sale at 4500 Hwy. 485.

The second item will be to consider a request of Billy Fair to subdivide 1.7 acres for sale at the intersection of Posey Road and St. Luke Church Road. There will be a public hearing to consider a zoning variance for proposed electric poles for SWEPCO on property owned by Randall G. Page. At the December meeting, the commission took the following action:

•Approved request of Daniel Jones to subdivide 10.5 acres for place mobile home at 141 Vernon Wester Road.

•Approved the request of Richard Stampley to subdivide 3.5 acres to build a new family residence at 940 Fish Hatchery Road.

•Approved final plans for Ken Starks’ subdivision, Kennadi Estates. Starks submitted the plat for the subdivision in February 2014 and submitted the final plan at the December meeting.

•Approved request of Bryan Miller to subdivide 4 acres to place a mobile home at 751 Sylvest Road.

•Tabled request of Celeste Raggio to subdivide 141 acres into two tracts at 166 Raggio Road for purposes of heirship. The commission acted on recommendation of Assistant District Attorney Shantel Wempren since the property was subject to court subdivision of property.

•Approved plat submitted by Ralph Johnson for subdivision of 6.33 acres for purpose of act of donation at 711 Craig Loop.

•Approved request of Patsy Charlene Vails to subdivided .96 acres from larger tract to place mobile home at 2138 Hwy. 1226.

•Approved request of Shannon Bolton to subdivide 1 acre from larger tract for mobile home placement at 2415 Hwy. 117.

•Approved request of Ralph Johnson to subdivide 6 acres for purpose of donation at 712 Craig Loop. Present at the meeting were chairman interim director David Kees, chairman George Minturn, Leslie Bayonne Jill Cox, Laney Wright and Henry Kinberger. Absent were James Guin, Meryland Robinson, Kacey Rodgers, Garland Brown and Wempren.