Gators chomp on Cavaliers


By Marco Clark, exclusive to the Times

The Lakeview Gators traveled to Shreveport Friday night to face 2A select-school power the Calvary Cavaliers. Both teams came into the game as the No. 1 team in their respected districts. The Gators entered the contest with a 21-4 overall record giving them a No. 6 overall ranking in 2A basketball in Louisiana. The Gators won the opening tip-off securing the first possession of the game along with the first score.

The Cavaliers were next up to score a basket, but they were denied by the smothering defense of the Gators. Once the Cavaliers got the ball across the mid-court line the Gators chomped down on Calvary’s point guard forcing an uncatchable pass that sailed into the third row of the stands. The Cavaliers tried to employ a trap on Christopher Small but were unable to box him in. Small broke the trap to find Zarious Lewis on the wing for a long basket. On Calvary’s next possession, they had better success moving the ball on offense but the end result was similar to their first possession, no points.

This forced the Cavaliers to make earlier substitutions with the hope of generating some offense. The Gators, however, continued to push the ball up the court with plenty of offense to go around. Udonis Jones scored six points from the paint and Ty Washington hit a lay-up to close out the first with a 10-9 lead. The second quarter was the coming out party for the Gators after feeling out the Cavs in the first.

The Gators took no prisoners, outscoring the Cavs 24-9 with much of the damage coming by way of Lewis. He went 4-9 with three of those coming from behind the three-point line. He chalked up 12 points during the second. Mike Shields Jr. added four. Lakeview went into the half leading 34-18. The Cavs found their groove in the third, hitting five three-pointers which allowed them to outscore the Gators 32-20.

The Gators still led 54-42. The start of the final quarter saw both teams slowing down the action. Gator Nate Braden led with six points while Jones added two and Lewis added four giving them a 67-50 win.

Lakeview took home the win over the Cavs

Lewis led with 23 points, Washington added 11 and Braden added 10. Lewis was named game MVP.