Just Talkin’ for Jan. 24, 2019


JT would not be JT if he did not comment about the Saints loss. What will be remembered most about the game will be the “no-call”. Over Drew Brees’s professional football career, he has thrown hundreds of great passes, many of them for touchdowns, but what he will be remembered for will be the “no-call” that eliminated the Saints from going to the Super Bowl.

It will be like NSU’s great end, Jackie Smith, that played for the Dallas Cowboys. You mention his name today and what you remember is that standing on the goal line, he dropped a pass that, if caught, would have won the Super Bowl that year for the Cowboys. Oh well, there is always another year! But, will Brees have another year at his age? With all the turmoil after the game, JT wondered if the referees were escorted off the field by security.

If you listened closely, one could have heard over the public address system something like, “Elvis has left the building.” The referee that missed the call probably will have to move to Los Angeles to be safe. There is also talk he once played for the Rams and that one referee “shushed” the second referee on scene. There is plenty of video online to review.

Mondays tweet by President Donald Trump sums up the Saints plight, “I guess I didn’t get the memo that @NFL officials were government employees affected by the shutdown, because they obviously weren’t working during the Saints game. Huge mistake by the #CrookedNFL. Huge. We should all take a knee in protest.”

Around newspapers there are always gremlins hanging around to make things go wrong. This happened last week. Closing out last Sunday’s edition, JT’s column made the front page, but a portion of Jerry pierce’s weekly column was left out. The headline made the paper, but the text from JT’s column was inserted under his headline by mistake. For Jerry’s readers, JT apologies. His column appears in today’s edition.

This mistake caused several comments. The first was “Now we know who writes the column JT.” The most amusing comment was made by John M. Aaron while lunching at Merci Beaucoup and Jerry walked up to the table. John told Jerry, “Sunday’s column was the best you have ever written!”

Sure has been a lot of discussion about trucks driving where they are not supposed to be in the city after the incident last week on the Keyser Avenue Bridge. Unfortunately, it’s not that unusual to see 18-wheelers in the downtown area. But…it’s not as bad as it has been….so something has had an impact.

JT agrees that GPS does not always take you to the right route. We’ve had people headed to our office end up in Powhatan thanks to GPS. JT did like the suggestion of one person that some overhead barriers be placed. One would be at the turn onto Jefferson Street near the college and at the Texas Street and Front Street intersection. If they can’t pass under the overhead barrier, they won’t make it downtown.