Parish and City Jailbooks for Jan. 24, 2019


Aqualidous Harris, b/f, 29, 440 Fairgrounds Road #2, 3 counts FTA
Harry Ray Parker, b/m, 39, 142 MLK Drive, 2 counts possession of CDS II w/intent (meth, crack cocaine) second/subsequent offenses
Calvin R. Morrow, b/m, 36, 1120 Washington St., theft.
Makeisha Taylor, b/f, 34, 218 Airport Road, FTA (theft)
Stephen Ray Hudson Sr., b/m, 50, 137 North St., possession of firearm by convicted felon, running stop sign
Broderick Sykes, b/m, 36, 100 Lakeview Drive #106, disturbing the peace, self mutilation in custody.
Ariel J. Williams, b/f, 28, 225 Duplex St., 2 counts FTA.
Tyrell Moore, b/m, 34, 143 Gibson St., obscenity.
Jamualyn M. Below, b/m, 22, 200 Kingston Drive, illegal carrying of a weapon.
Treyvious D. Blackmon, b/m, 18, 207 Airport Road, simple possession of marijuana.
Darius Moody, b/m, 19, 100 Lakeview Drive #104, FTA
Donterrius Beaudion, b/m, 29, 815 July St., remaining after being forbidden.
Derrick D. Roberson, b/m, 34, 500 North St., theft.
Layna Jones, w/f, 45, 423 Demeziere St, FTA.
Elexia Demars, b/f, 30, 109 Castleton St., 2 counts FTA.
Khalil Tousant, b/m, 23, 500 North St., 2-6, possession of marijuana-2nd offense, no driver’s license, tail lamps required.
Victor A. McNeal, b/m, 22, 412 Sanford St., FTA.
Terranesha Johnson, b/f, 33, 1403 Saint John St., 3 counts FTA
Isabella M. Kerby, w/f, 19, 608 David Circle, possession of CDS II (meth), no seat belt.
Loyd Brown Jr., b/m, 23, 220 Cardino Road, 4 counts FTA.
Cadarius Burton, b/m, 27, 1409 Georgia Ann St., possession w/intent, possession of firearm in presence of CDS, no drivers license, possession of drug paraphernalia, destruction of evidence, window tint, FTA.
Tyreunne Johnson, b/f, 19, 1445 Jeansonne St., simple possession of marijuana.
Jemeshia Tousant, b/f, 29, 500 North St., 2 counts FTA
Peyton Butler, w/m, 20, 934 Third ST., 2 counts FTA
Kimberly Robinson, b/f, 41, 1606 Lake ST., 2 counts FTA.
Rodney Bedgood, w/m, 73, 126 Tally St., Goldonna, threatening a public official
Orlando Bernstein, b/f, 45, 140 T-Joe, 2 counts FTA, misrepresentation during booking.
Simmon Griffin, b/m, 28, 1109Lake ST., third degree rape.
Frederick Benjamin, b/m, 45, 130 Evangeline Drive, theft, criminal trespass.
Dexter Aught Jr., b/m, 22, 823 MLK, FTA.
Michael Hamilton, b/m, 43, 1815 South Drive, failure to register as a sex offender, driver must be licensed.
Heather Dickens, w/f, 27, 1136 Hampton Road, theft.
Lacie Cedars, w/f, 38, 1913 Hwy 6 #2, theft.
Donovan L. Hymes, b/m, 21, 1054 Coco Bed Road, Cloutierville, domestic abuse battery.
Elizabeth Sykes, b/f, 51, 488 Brickyard Road, FTA.
Charles Coleman, b/m, 20, 1405 Georgia Ann St., FTA
Bradley Hayes, w/m, 45, 351 Second St. , Apt. 3, theft
Cedric Washington, b/m, 105 Rowena St., resisting arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of Sch. II CDS, second/subsequent offense
Candiace Bronson, b/f, 34, 2339 Wise St., Alexandria, FTA from
Rapides Parish.
Mecca Gay, b/f, 23, 431 MLK, domestic abuse battery.
James Williams, b/m, 35, 1220 Rusbo St., theft.
Aurelia Mobley, b/f, 113 Mary Drive, theft.
Brian Walker Jr., b/m, 29, 911 Dixie St., 2 counts FTA.
Sheena Armstrong, b/f, 34, 222 Melissa Place, simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia.
Brian Kitchens, w/m, 42, 102 Byrd Drive, Grayson, simple possession of marijuana, possession of CDS sch. II, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving under suspension, proper equipment required.
Tawaneka Moran, b/f, 33, 500- N. St., Apt F3, 2 counts FTA.
Ronnie Washington Jr., b/m, 34, 138 Vaughn St., Campti, theft
Penny Simmons Anderson, b/f, 54, 812 Dixie St., theft.
Cindy Beaudion, b/f, 56, 1326 Grace Ave., possession of sch. II (crack) possession of drug paraphernalia, no turn signal, 2 brake lamps required, obstruction of justice.
Cecil White, b/m, 26, 606 Jackson Drive, 2 counts FTA.
Michael Paddie, w/m, 44, 511 E 2nd St., criminal damage to property, battery of infirmed, battery of an officer.
Nikikia King, b /f, 18, 226 Gibson St., disturbing the peace by intoxication.

Onterio Pier, b/m, 25, FTA
Chadrick Holman, w/m, 39, probation violation, theft over $1,500
Lloyd Brown, b/m, 23, Possession of firearm or carrying concealed weapon by a person convicted of certain felonies
Jeremy Bayonne, b/m, 32, Sale, distribution, or possession of legend drug without prescription or order prohibited; exceptions; penalties, possession of sch. I, Schedule IV; penalties, Prohibited acts, Illegal carrying of weapons, FTA
Willie Grant, b/m, 58, Operating a vehicle while intoxicated-3rd offense, View outward or inward through windshield or windows; obscuring prohibited, Operating a vehicle while under suspension for certain prior offenses, tail lamps, Secretary to require periodical inspection, Driving on roadway laned for traffic
Carla Bazzano, w/f, 59, theft.
Richard Rushing, b/m, 51, FTA (hold for Texas).
Wyshun Reliford, b/m, 31, possession of firearm by convicted felon
Adam James Johnson, w/m, 36, sexual battery.
Lee Michael RAchal, w/m, 30, domestic abuse battery
Dustie S. Frederick, w/f, 41, domestic abuse battery.
Jerica Kelly, b/m, 26, FTA
Ebony Helaire, b/f, FTA.
Antonyo Turner, b/m, 38, resisting an officer
Cecil White Jr., b/m, 26, DWI first offense, open container.