Turn of events in second quarter turn tables on Lady Chiefs

Abrionna Kennedy passes to #20 Breanna Williams

By Marco Clark, exclusive to the Times

The Lady Chiefs entered Tuesday night looking to rebound with a win against district opponent Lady Rebels of West Monroe, but came up short in their quest to stay on the plus side of the win column. During the opening of the first quarter the Lady Chiefs established a presence in the lane going 4-5 in the paint to take an early 8-0 lead forcing an early timeout from the Rebels head coach John Green. Coach Green made substitutions to help address the inside presence the Lady Chiefs Selena Humphrey provided. The move helped the Lady Rebels put points on the board but the Lady Chiefs continued to dominate down low in the paint with Ty Sowell adding 4 points on two consecutive trips down the floor.

In the second quarter, the Lady Rebels climbed back into the game behind the relentless effort of Jenna Farrar. Farrar came out firing from behind the three-point line going 2-3 bringing the Lady Rebels within 6 points of the Lady Chiefs. Lady Chiefs head coach Nikki Jones decided to go small, using Abrionna Kennedy and Teanna Payton in the back court and Junti Franklin, Breanna Williams and Caytreonna Brown in the front court with the hope of spreading the floor to allow for penetration into the lane. However, the shots were not falling for the Lady Chiefs allowing the Lady Rebels to chip away at the lead using their size in the low post on offense.

The next two minutes became crucial for the Lady Chiefs as they were unable to hit a bucket. The turn of events led to the Lady Rebels taking the lead at the half 32-28. The next half left the home team scratching their heads as the Lady Chiefs’ shooting problems continued to plague them throughout the quarter.

Coach Jones said, “Some nights things just don’t go your way. We were getting good looks with high percentage shots but they were just not falling.”

Jones tried to find some combination of players who could spark the offense but nothing was working. The Lady Rebels took full advantage of the situation by slowing down the play on offense to set up the long distance shot resulting in 12 more points from behind the three-point line. The Lady Chiefs refused to give in. Sowell and Franklin both hit a three-pointer to give the Lady Chiefs life toward the end of the game but time was not on their side. The clock expired with the Lady Chiefs attempting a long distance shot to tie the game but the shot fell short of the rim giving the Lady Rebels the 63-60 win.

The Lady Chiefs will host the Lady Rebels Friday at 5:30 p.m.