Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Jan. 26, 2019


 Natchitoches residents

appear to love their sweets and

their chicken.

It seems to JT that as fast as

one chicken place closes,

another one takes its place.

Chick-fil-A will be opening up

very soon across from the NSU

campus on University

Parkway. It looked like workers

were in overdrive mode the

same day Chicken Express

called it quits. By the way, this

is the second NSU related business…

the other is Café


On the subject of new businesses,

JT hears we are getting

a new donut shop, “Southern


Reportedly, it will feature a

drive thru window…something

none of the other donut

shops in town offer. It will be

located in the new Shop A Lott

on South Drive.


Remember the early release

program Gov. John Bell

Edwards and the Department

of Corrections orchestrated

last year?

By most accounts, mostly

law enforcement officials-

Sheriffs, Police Chiefs and

District Attorneys, it was a

disaster. Those responsible,

however reminded us how

good it was since Louisiana

lost its number one ranking as

having more incarcerated citizens

than any other state.

Now, JT hears with an election

around the corner….there

is a numbers game being

orchestrated. He hears…for

example…that if a person on

parole is arrested, unless it is a

serious crime, they are not

having their probation

revoked like it used to be.

Before this program, if probation

was revoked, the person

went straight to jail. Now they

are not put back into jail, but

are sent home to await the disposition

of the new charges or

just calling the recent arrest a

technical violation of their


Why, you ask? Well, this new

approach keeps the number of

people in jail from growing

and allows those who concocted

this Criminal Reform program

to argue the prisoner

numbers are down as well as

the number of people who

return to prison or jail after

their release. Through the

manipulation of the numbers,

they’ll sing of the success. As

they say… we all know the

devil is in the details.

JT remembers the stories

late last year of people getting

out, who some thought shouldn’t

have been released, and

how some who were released

under the program were

arrested for other crimes just

days after gaining their freedom.

 One thing JT does know is

that there sure has been a lot

of crime, not only locally,

but also across the state.

He’s going to take the advice

of singer Kenny Rogers who

sang, “Trust Your

Neighbors-But Lock Your



What is going on in our

small towns and their mayors?

According to documents,

the newly elected mayor of

Campti doesn’t even live in

the city limits but got elected

mayor. Not sure how you can

call that anything but fraud.

JT thinks she should be

made to pay back any monies

she received from the village

while she “acted” as mayor.

There also needs to be

some recourse for the Town

of Clarence against it’s

mayor…even though he has


By accounts, he has left

the town in a real mess.

Sounds like there are a lot of

unpaid bills, taxes, lots of

maintenance to be done, he

locked the council out of

City Hall, quit having meetings

and basically became a

dictator. It was allowed to go

on for far too long.

The state now has taken

steps to appoint someone to

oversee the business of the

city. It’s a drastic step…but

that shows you how bad it

has gotten for the residents

of Clarence.

Sounds to JT that these

two towns deserve a lot better

than they got. He hopes

their communities can get

back on track soon.


Speaking of Campti…JT

sure was sad to hear about

the fire at M&M Grocery.

What a history that store

has had. It was a landmark

and a focal point for the community

and JT is glad to

hear of plans to rebuild