NPD and NPSO JAILBOOKS, Jan. 21-25, 2019



Cadarrius Moses, b/m, 24, 402 Rowena St., 2 counts FTA.

Kendale Ardison, b/m, 23, 549 Jim Moore Road, Coushatta, 2 counts possession w/intent to distribute Sch . I, simple possession of Sch. I, window tint.

James K. Williams, b/m, 33, 1405 Roy Drive, domestic abuse battery.

Jerry Hunter, b/m, 23, 240 Hwy 122 Natchitoches, 2 counts FTA

Ardiney Presley, b/m, 55, 408 MLK, home invasion, battery of a dating partner.

Antoine Mitchell, b/m, 32, 188 Sorgee Road Apt. A, telephone harassment.

Onterio Pier, b/m, 25, 102 Harris Drive, possession of stolen property.

Otis Smith Jr., b/m, 43, 1101 Clarence Drive, theft.

Joshua Rhodes, w/m, 28, possession of sch. I and IV CDS, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of CDS in presence of minors.

Markita Brimsey, b/f, 25, 1101 Allen St., simple possession of marijuana.

Jailyn Andis-Dauthart, w/f, 37, 1494 Hwy 160, Reeds Spring, Mo., possession of CDS II and warrant from Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Divontez Winters, b/m, 24, 4305 Lakeview #3, possession of sch. I marijuana.

Roy E. Evans, b/m, 38, 1433 Grace Ave., domestic abuse battery

. Santaurus Burr, b/m, 27, 1314 Sawyer St., simple possession of marijuana

Tanya R. Rachal, b/f, 45, 615 Genti St., simple burglary.

William Vines, w/m 47, 350 Pete Slaughter Road, Campti, battery of emergency person.

Montrell Sykes, b/m, 18, 300 Lakeview Drive #4202, possession of drug paraphernalia.

JaQuantay Bell, b/m, 18, 515 Sibley St., possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jamie A. Roberson, b/m, 21, 536 Hyette Drive, felon in possession of stolen firearm, 2nd degree battery.

Cristiana M. Howard, b/f, 18, 172 Johnson Loop, 2nd-degree battery

Marley Alexander, b/f, 20, 102 Dogwood Court, simple possession of CDS I marijuana

Kayla Meziere, b/f, 26, 8150 Hwy 1 South, theft of goods

Darius Rachal, b/m, 22, 2298 Hwy 491, Cloutierville, unlicensed driver, bench warrant, FTA.

Willie Lacour, b/m, 28, 500 North St., Apt. 51, possession w/intent CDS sch. I, illegal use of CDS in presence of persons under 176, illegal window tint, driver must be licensed, child restraint.

Tatyann Addisson, b/f, 22, 222 Melissa Place, domestic abuse battery child endangerment.


Wendell Boyd, w/m, 31, Operating a vehicle while under suspension for certain prior offenses, Maximum speed limit, Evidence of compulsory motor vehicle liability security not contained in a motor vehicle; prohibition of citation resulting in a penalty or fee, Registration; commercial vehicles; exemption

Jason L. Warner, w/m, 46, Prohibited acts–Schedule II, penalties, possession, Prohibited acts

Leah M. Ellison, w/f, 40, warrants from Red River Sheriff’s Office, Prohibited acts–Schedule II, penalties, possession, prohibited acts, Illegal carrying of weapons

Edward Clarke, w/m, 33, Resisting an officer,  Headlamps on motor vehicles; motorcycles and motordriven cycles,  Deposit of license in lieu of security upon arrest; receipt; Display of plate

Zantari Smith, b/m, probation violation, possession of firearm by felon

Jacob Allen Bennett, w/m, 23, illegal possession of stolen things.