SMS fourth graders participate in Economics day

Laura Hogg's fourth grade social studies class hosted an Econ Day (Economics) Friday, Feb. 1. Students worked in teams to create and develop a business plan and then set up a shop for students. The students worked to earn a profit. The team that earned the most "profit," the snow cone shop, was the winner. From left are Hudson Methvin, Preston Tilley, Asa Nash, Kaden White and Brady Childress.  



The Sweet B’s Treats shop was the creation of, from left, Kennedy Griffin,Emma Bain, Malorie Lacaze
Sean Gardner, John Paul Thibodaux, Luc Cross and Carter Hogg opened a Nerf Gun Fun shop for Econ Day at St. Mary’s.
Halle Campbell, Adelle Williams and Alayna Rachal, from left, operated a Slime table aimed at reducing stress for Econ Day.
The Pop-n-Tops shop was operated by, from left, Molly Smith, Lindsay Stewart and Rayanna Norsworthy.