Just Talkin’ Lagniappe for Feb. 9, 2019


JT will have more details later, but School Board member Emile Metoyer will have a meeting soon for folks in the Cloutierville area to talk about reopening the school that was closed for the last school year. Emile believes there has been an influx of new residents into subdivisions that would make a difference in the student count that was about 130 when the board voted to close the school. He even talked about the tax that would be necessary to improve the school before it’s fit for occupancy. Emile will have more information coming next week.

JT had a pleasant dining experience Thursday. Those are just fancy words for he had a really good muffaletta sandwich at the Columns Cafe on second floor of the Family and Consumer Sciences Building on the NSU campus. The program debuted last November but Thursday was JT’s first time to try it and the meal for $15 was just scrumptious. Professor Landon Amberg and the HMT students made everyone feel welcome while they had a fruit salad appetizer, great sandwich and delicious bread pudding. Did we say it was good?

Another treat JT had last week was a visit to the Legacy Cafe in the Ben Johnson Center. There’s a full menu but JT REALLY loved the hamburger. The cafe is an effort by the Ben D. Johnson Educational Center to utilize a youth workforce development program. JT’s been there twice and the locals appear to be giving it a lot of support.

JT had a conversation with Wayne Ragan earlier this week. Seems some folks are under the impression that the new Steel Magnolia Run sponsored by Natchitoches Regional Medical Center set for March 16 is just the Kasey’s Heart and Soul Run under a new name. An announcement about the Steel Magnolia Run stated, “With Kasey’s Heart and Soul Run discontinuing, NRMC associates were compelled to pick up the baton…” Many translated that to mean the hospital took over Kasey’s race. They did not. As a family, the Ragans discontinued the run named in memory of their daughter to raise funds for the Lion’s Camp, an organization dear to Kasey’s heart. Wayne told JT he and wife Tina did talk with the hospital and offer tips on organizing a run, but by no means were they handing over the reins of Kasey’s Heart and Soul. The new race is simply a similar event.

Sign ‘em up. Football players all over the state were busy inking their names on letters of intent, making moms and dads and grandparents tear up with joy. At NSU, over 2,000 players were considered and 21 were signed. The process and competition to get into a collegiate football program is fierce. JT is glad to see a few guys from the parish sign their names, even though it means some will be leaving the parish. Natchitoches Central’s Albert Gillie will stay in the state at least. JT learned he chose the Ragin’ Cajuns of ULL and hopes he’ll think of the Natchitoches Times and bring back a bushel of mudbugs, or clams, or crabs, or shrimp since Lafayette is closer to the gulf and these goodies.

JT missed the President’s State of the Union address and forgot to set the DVR to record it. Thinking it would be easy to find online he searched and found mainly highlight reels and tidbits. He saw the now famous “clap back” by the white clad Speaker of the House. Her gesture of reaching forward to clap, along with her facial expression, spoke volumes, and inspired numerous articles, editorial cartoons, sound bites and replays. The “clap back” has also started replacing an old hand gesture used often in congested traffic. No more birds, we now have the …..