Clarence native turns 100


In the Village of Clarence Feb. 12, 1919, David Jackson and Lessie Kochinsky welcomed their baby boy into the world.

John Presley Jackson was the baby boy among 10 children. All the other children have preceded him in death.

His education was limited at this time. On July 31, 1942, he became an active member of the United States Army. On Dec. 12, 1945, he became separated from service and in between those years, he married the love of his life, Rose Virginia Johnson. In this union, they are the parents of 10 children- two have preceded him in death as he carries on the memories of Debra and Larry Jackson forever.

He left a legacy in the military and now two sons, one daughter and three grandchildren follow in his footsteps.

John Jackson, better known as “wolf,” serviced all over the world through the military but never forgot his childhood raising. He would tell you he “knows who protected and brought him through-nobody but Jesus.”

At an early age, he joined the Choctaw Island Baptist Church of Clarence. To this day, he is an active member, as well as the oldest member, of the church, under the leadership of the Rev. Otis Corley.

Mr. “Wolf” leaves a legacy of children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren.