City will lease acreage for hay operations


By Carolyn Roy,

The only new business at the City Council meeting Monday was the introduction of a planning and zoning ordinance. Christine and Andy Ferrell want to rezone a dwelling at 433 East Third St. from R-1 Multiple Family Residence to R-2 Multiple Family Residence. They are requesting variances on the side and front yard setbacks. It will be a duplex and single family dwelling.

The request was approved by the City Planning and Zoning Commission and will be voted on by the council at the Feb. 25 meeting.

There were final votes to approve the lease of 1.5 acres at the Sewer Treatment plant for hay operations to McNeely Cattle LLC and advertisement for bids for Christmas lighting supplies.

The council proclaimed February as African American History Month in the city. City offices will close Feb. 19 for President’s Day and the next council meeting will be Monday, Feb. 25.