JUST TALKIN’ for Feb. 14, 2019


Someone told JT that our term limited State Senator Gerald Long is watching the Governors race really hard. It’s not because he’s running either. A Republican, Long is close to current Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards but in the back of his mind, he would like for Republican Congressman Ralph Abraham to win.


That would open up the congressional seat held by Abraham and he would run for that seat. Long’s term ends the last day of December this year. If Abraham can win the Governor’s race his seat becomes vacant Jan. 1 with the swearing in of the new governor. If Abraham loses, he still has another year of his two-year term remaining in Congress.

That would force Long, who reportedly has some offers to work in “high levels” of state government in Baton Rouge after his term, to bide his time a little before taking on a seating Congressman. So no matter who wins, Long also wins…either a shot at a Congressional seat or a reward from Gov. Edwards for his loyalty and friendship. Long has put his Natchitoches house up for sale and is moving to Tannehill (just a few miles north of Winnfield) with his new wife. That move is kind of the opposite of what we’ve been seeing. We’ve had a large influx of people from the Winnfield area moving here over the past few years…JT can’t recall anyone doing the opposite. Just for the sake of history, Gerald is the only one of the Long family elected officials who was not a Democrat.

If he can win a Congressional seat, he would be the sixth Long family member to serve in Washington. Brothers George, Huey and Earl all were elected to the US Congress and cousins Gillis and Speed Long served terms in the House of Representatives.


It took three decades, but JT is glad to hear that he can now eat as many fish from Sibley Lake as he wants. A lot of locals will recall in 1989, PCBs were found in water tested from the city’s water source and we were told not to eat the fish. That warning was lifted, a little, seven years later telling us it was okay to eat small amounts. The most recent testing from the state now makes it the first time the state has been able to lift a warning.

JT’s not sure how many fishermen actually heeded the warnings. In fact, JT asked a couple of his fishing friends about the good news and many of them had actually forgotten about the warnings. JT doesn’t glow in the dark, but he does wonder if he needs to be tested since he’s been to quite a few fish fries around the Lake.


JT needs to remind all his readers….mostly the male ones…that Valentine’s Day is Thursday. Enough said. Act now. Don’t’ wait.


Not sure what…or who… the culprit is but there’s been a lot of sickness in town lately. JT read that in one community out west that was particularly hard hit, they had traced it to an individual traveler.

JT knows of one business where everyone was experiencing the effects of a bug. Lysol and hand sanitizer were literally flying off the shelves. This crazy weather certainly hasn’t helped and the temperature is going to be like a roller coaster ride for the next week.