Letter to the Editor – Todd Jr.

This letter published in the Feb. 17, 2022, print edition. Send your letters to the editor to jgray@natchitochestimes.com

An open letter to the State of Louisiana Dept. of Transportation

State Representative Kenny Cox

State Senator Gerald Long

Ref:   Louisiana Highway 1 North

To whom it may concern:

Highway 1 North through Natchitoches, including the section on the 3110 bypass, and north to Powhatan is in deplorable condition, holds water in the middles and is dangerous at some of the intersections.  I have called Representative Cox and gotten no response from him after speaking to him.  I have talked to the head of the Department of Transportation in Alexandria and he says there is no money. With the exception of the portion known as the “strip” and a small section on the 3110 bypass out by Super One, there has been very little spent on state roads in Natchitoches in years.

I cannot remember when the state has overlaid Hwy 1 North towards Powhatan.  One commercial business has had to replace a truck and a trailer in the last year because the road is ruining the equipment.

There is no excuse for this situation. The intersection at Texas Street and 3110 is dangerous, as is the intersection at Hwy 1 and the last leg of the bypass going east at the Chrysler dealership where the large trucks that turn there have created waves in the asphalt that can cause a car to go sideways.

I am asking the State Department of Transportation as well as our legislators to address this problem and have it corrected.  Natchitoches residents pay road taxes like everyone else in the State, yet few dollars are spent here.  That needs to change.


Pat Todd, Jr. Natchitoches, La.