Preschoolers become ‘Oldies but Goodies’ to celebrate 100th day of school

Dressed as “Oldies but Goodies” are, on front row from left, Ashton LeBrun, Tatum Guin and Darryll Choate. On back row are Catherine Yount, Kobe Williams, Kylie Caballerro, Jentry Franks, Breeya Garner, Aubree Jackson, Zechariah Harvey, Mallie Harris and Jett Waters. 

From day one, students in Crystal Pierce’s Title I preschool class at Fairview Alpha Elementary, placed a paper clip on the calendar and celebrated every 10th day with Zero the Hero.

“They were so excited move all the clips to the hundreds column today,” Pierce said. “The children came dressed as Oldies But Goodies today.  Our day consisted of counting to 100 of nearly everything.” Students painted 100 “gumballs” for their gumball machines and created a 100 day collection with their families and shared with their friends.  “We counted out 100 cups and 100 cotton balls then divided into two groups. They worked as a team to construct something.

Crystal Pierce’s preschoolers created castles from 100 cups. From left are Jerry Ferrier, Jett Waters, Zechariah Harvey, Jentry Franks, Aubree Jackson, Mallie Harris, Breeya Garner and Tristan Adams.

The cotton ball group decided to create a giant smiley face.  The cup group decided to make a kingdom of castles.  We created portraits of what we thought we would look like in 100 years and wrote one thing we thought we could still do at 100 years old,” Pierce said.

Some things the children said were; Tristan Adams, hunt deer; Samia Brown, dance; Kylie Caballero, go fishing; Darryll Choate, jump on a trampoline; Jerry Ferrier, dig up dirt; Jentry Franks, make a cake; Breeya Garner, eat candy; Tatum Guin, do a back flip; Zechariah Harvey, eat ice-cream; Mallie Harris, swing on a swing; Zechariah Hall, drive a car; Aubree Jackson, ride a bike; Ashton LeBrun, play the X-box; Amari Owens, run; Jett Waters, cut the grass; Kobe Williams, go to karate; Catherine Yount, high five a friend.

They ended the day with a pizza celebration.

Creating a smiley from 100 cotton balls in celebration of the 100th day of school are, from left, Kobe Williams, Darryll Choate, Catherine Yount, Kylie Caballero, Zechariah Hall, Tatum Guin, Ashton LeBrun and Amari Owens.