NSU student Isabella Jones wins local advertising award


Northwestern State University student Isabella Jones recently won a silver American Advertising Award in the Sales and Marketing: Packaging category. Jones’ work will compete in district level competition. The results will be announced next month.

Jones is a senior fine and graphic arts and biology major with concentrations in graphic design and natural science from Saline.

The winning design was a single serving pizza box for Fox’s Pizza Den. The design was part of an in-class assignment in Assistant Professor of Design Mirla Gonzalez Enriquez’s Graphic Communication IV course. Jones said the course has a package design concentration, but the beginning of the assignment was to rebrand a pizza company of the student’s choosing and come up with packaging concepts for a pizza box.

“I chose Fox’s Pizza Den and began the rebranding process with a deep-dive research into the company’s history, target audience, products and services and other information,” said Jones. “This resulted in a new logo, slogan and color scheme. I knew properly implementing these aspects into my pizza box was going to be important, so I took the fox icon from the logo I created and decided to make a single slice pizza box out of it. Although I wanted the box to appear polished, it still had to be usable and practical in the aspect that it included elements such as ventilation and proper labeling with items like a nutrition facts label and a QR code.”

Jones said she came up with a triangular box that represented the shape of a fox’s head, ears that would pop out of the back that allowed for ventilation and clear plastic cutouts on the face to allow a viewer to see the pizza inside the box.

“I feel as though my final product accomplished not only the assignment’s goal but my personal goal for it as well,” said Jones.

Jones said she has a long-time interest in art and spent her free time drawing and painting when she was in school. When she started at Northwestern State, Jones decided to pursue both her interests in art and biology with a double major.

“Choosing graphic design for my art concentration was an easy decision because I had never done any digital artwork and I wanted to learn something completely new and different to what I had been doing previously in the fine art field,” said Jones. “This graphic design program at Northwestern has helped me to find my new love for company branding and identity, package design and advertisement.”

Jones said Associate Professor of Art and Coordinator of Graduate Studies for Fine and Graphic Arts Collier Hyams takes student projects for graphic design and helps apply them to other aspects such as website design and 3D modeling and printing.

“By incorporating these types of assignments into his class, Professor Hyams is giving us students valuable skills that we can bring over into the graphic design realm of work,” said Jones.

The American Advertising Awards, formerly the ADDYs, is the advertising industry’s largest and most representative competition, attracting over 40,000 entries every year in local AAF Ad Club competitions. The mission of the American Advertising Awards competition is to recognize and reward the creative spirit of excellence in the art of advertising. For more information on Northwestern State’s programs in the Department of Fine Art and Graphic Design, go to capa.nsula.edu/art/art-degree-programs.

Isabella Jones