DeSoto DA refuses charges against NJH coach


Natchitoches Jr. High coach Brian Young has been reinstated to his position following the DeSoto Parish District Attorney’s Office’s decision to refuse the charges of simple kidnapping, a felony, and domestic abuse battery, a misdemeanor.

Young was arrested Dec. 26 following an incident with a female at her job site near Mansfield. The pair left the parking lot in his vehicle, leaving her car behind. Natchitoches Police Dept. was contacted and the pair was located in an office area of the gym at NJH.

Young was taken into custody and charges were filed at that time. Young was granted a Gwen’s Law, or contradictory hearing, Jan. 3 in DeSoto Parish. Charles Kammer III represented Young at the hearing. The woman in question was called as a witness. To refuse the charges means the prosecutor, in this case the DeSoto Parish DA’s office, has declined to pursue the case.

A legal spokesperson said unless new evidence comes to light, the case against Young is null and void.