NSU takes lead on proposed University Parkway crosswalk


Northwestern State hopes to have a sketch in two weeks of where a crosswalk will be on University Parkway near Chick-Fil-A according to Jennifer Kelly, director of auxiliary services. “We hope to have a sketch of something that will work well for everyone,” Kelly said of the proposal. “It will address traffic and pedestrian safety and not impact travel.”

Kelly said it will probably be near North Street between the restaurant and Watson Library but the final determination will be made with input from La. DOTD. It will not impact the red light at the entrance to the university at Howell and Sam Sibley Drive near another restaurant.

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The crosswalk with a flash button on a utility pole will hopefully address the increased pedestrian traffic to the restaurant. Drake Owens, executive director of the NSU Alumni Foundation, said NSU will meet this week to determine the details of the permit application. The Foundation is assisting with the project, but the university will be applying for the permit.

The city will not bear any costs. Kelly said NSU will share more details of the project as soon as they are available.

The article at right was published in July 2018