JT for Feb. 28, 2019


Well, hasn’t Natchitoches been bustling lately with all the new businesses? Especially with all the new eateries, such as the recent openings of the Cane River Brewing Co., Southern Maid Doughnuts, Chick-fil-A and the Legacy Café, JT is excited to see new blood coming to this historic city.

JT has heard (and seen) since the opening of the new Chick-fil-A, the line has been going out the door nearly every day. The NSU students have been hyping up the arrival of the chicken-oriented restaurant since announcement of its opening and by golly, they’ll be living it up in there until their graduation! JT recently heard a remark that the students’ parents might be surprised to see how much students are spending at the new eatery.

JT asked a Natchitoches Times employee, a 2016 NSU graduate, about it. They said many students mainly use their declining balance at these locations on campus. Declining balance can be used towards meals at these eateries on campus. After choosing a meal plan each year, students can receive a certain amount to be used towards these locations, but keep in mind this amount goes along with other tuition fees.

With their ID, students can use these funds however they wish but if their balance is all used up before the semester ends, then no more Chick-fil-A for you! Students would have to wait until more funds are granted until the next semester, unless they decide to pay out of their pockets.

The former NSU student turned Natchitoches Times employee said she remembered how expensive on campus eating could be! “At the time, I didn’t think about how much I was spending,” she said. “If it was on campus, it was convenient and that’s all that mattered!” She also mentioned how many times she and her friends would bite off more than they could chew and be short on funds towards the end of the semester. Even with a part-time job, she said on-campus dining just couldn’t be beat sometimes, but it did take its toll!

Students, if you’re out there reading along, be wary of your spending habits! While even JT enjoys getting out there and giving these establishments some business, sometimes a home-cooked meal is just what you need, and it might be lighter on your wallet.