No Man’s Land Free For All Bass Tournament


When settlers planted stakes in the Neutral Zone—sometimes referred to as Louisiana’s “No Man’s Land” that today are eight of the state’s western parishes—they discovered themselves to be in a land with abundant fish and wildlife.

As part of this year’s No Man’s Land bicentennial celebration, Louisiana Travel is highlighting the region’s outdoor recreational opportunities and has partnered with Kayak Bass Fishing to run an 8-month CPR bass tournament that showcases the excellent fishing afforded by western Louisiana’s lakes, rivers and bayous.

Unlike most bass tournaments, fish length rather than weight will determine the winners. Another unique aspect of this tournament is its Catch-Photo-Release format. Instead of securing fish in aerated live wells for transport to far-off weigh-ins, each bass is laid on an approved, standardized measuring board beside an event identifier card, and a digital photograph is taken and uploaded for scoring. The fish can be released back into the water from which it was caught, usually within seconds and none the worse for wear.

This tournament totals each competitor’s five highest-scoring bass to determine ranking and rewards. After you have five fish on the Leader Board, any bigger bass you upload will cull the smallest already there, so your total can continue to grow all season long. Once you catch five, keep fishing to upgrade or to be eligible for monthly big bass bonuses.

The seven lake and river systems from which fish may be caught and entered in this tournamentare public-access areas of the Sabine River, Anacoco Lake, Red River, Toledo Bend Reservoir, Cacalsieu Lake, Bundick Lake and OuiskaChitto (Whisky Chitto) Creek, plus their tributaries, channels, sloughs, and backwaters. Fish your most convenient times, in the most convenient places on those lakes and rivers, day, night, weekdays or weekends. As long as you’re fishing public water (no posted, private or restricted ponds or waterways), then the fish you catch by rod, reel and artificial bait are eligible for scoring.

Photos submitted to TourneyX are reviewed by a team of trained judges, who approve, sometimes awarding a penalty, or deny the photos, according to event rules. Be sure to review those following the link below.

Prizes—The competitor who finishes the Tournament with the highest 5-bass Total Score wins $2,500 plus a Bonafide SS127 Fishing Kayak valued at $1,599.

Other prizes include Monthly bonuses, Mystery Bass Bonuses and a mid-summer shootout bonus in July, and thousands more in cash and prizes. Visit the website for complete details.
Enter the optional season-long No Man’s Land Big Bass Side Pot, one-time $25 Entry Fee, for a shot at the monthly $500 Big Bass Prize, with $1,000 guaranteed for the biggest bass of the 8-month tournament.

Beginning February 15 and ending October 31, 2019, anglers who want to compete in this free tournament must register for a free account at TourneyX — sportfishing’s leading online tournament management system.

Event Overview and Rules: