NSU LitCon 2019 set for April 12-13


NATCHITOCHES – Northwestern State University’s third annual LitCon will take place April 12-13 in Natchitoches. The event will be hosted by the Creative Writing Faculty in the Department of English, Foreign Languages and Cultural Studies, and will be held in The Orville J. Hanchey Gallery on Northwestern’s main campus.


Motel 6

“LitCon seeks to bring the energy and atmosphere of pop culture conventions to the realm of humanities festivals and academic conferences, creating a hybrid experience centered around the joy and evolution of our collective arts and practices,” said Dr. Rebecca Macijeski, Creative Writing Program Coordinator. “This conference is for visual artists, writers, writing programs, independent and academic publishers, academics, students and fans. As a growing regional conference, we’re excited about the idea of an inclusive celebration of the humanities, fan culture, poetry, literary fiction, genre fiction, graphic novels, scriptwriting, comics, illustration, visual and performing arts and more, with each discipline treated as equally exciting both culturally and academically.  Our hope is that anyone practicing in these or related fields, whether academically, professionally, or as a fan or hobbyist, feels welcome participating in this environment.”


There is a small number of spaces available for book and art fair participants. The book and art fair will operate from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days. Tables are free, but space is limited. All money generated from sales go toward the artist.


Presentations will feature work by authors and artists working in various media and/or formats seeking an audience for their work, showcases of writing groups and programs, both academic and otherwise; fan culture, form and theory of creative writing and/or visual art, the intersection of pop culture and academic culture, and the pedagogies of these various topics; independent publishers, art collectives, and other institutions seeking to connect with fans and students and other humanities-related offerings.


For more information, contact Macijeski at macijeskir@nsula.edu.