2 men sentenced in district court


By Juanice Gray, jgray@natchitochestimes.com

Two men sentenced to time behind bars following district court proceedings. Charles Beaudion appeared in district court before Judge Desiree Dyess Feb. 20 charged with home improvement fraud. Beaudion, represented by appointed counsel David Williams, accepted a plea bargain from the state, represented by Assistant District Attorney Amanda McClung.

His plea of not guilty was withdrawn and a plea of guilty to residential contractor fraud was entered. Three case files were dismissed as part of the plea bargain. Beaudion was sentenced to three years with the Dept. of Corrections with credit for time served. He was also ordered to pay restitution to his victims in the amounts of $3,250, $6,200, $3,000, $3,050 and $29,000 for a total of $44,500. Beaudion, 52, of 2533 Hwy 491 Cloutierville was arrested Oct. 5, 2018, on two-counts of Contractor Fraud. The charges stemmed from two separate cases worked by investigators.

One occurred in October 2017 where Beaudoin, under his company Allied Roofing, was paid approximately $29,000 to remodel a residence in the Oak Grove community. After two months the homeowner discovered the house had been dismantled in a lot of areas and never replaced. The homeowner, whom was not living in the house during the remodeling, discovered jewelry missing and terminated Allied Roofing.  The second charge resulted from Allied Roofing being paid $3,000 as down payment to do a roof repair in the Goldonna area in May. As of October no work was done.

Rapides Parish Sheriff’s detectives also hold an outstanding warrant on Beaudoin for Contractor Fraud in the Forest Hill area.  Allied Roofing has been under a Cease and Desist Order from the Louisiana State Board of Licensing for Contractors since January 2015. This stemmed from prior contractor fraud charges. In addition, Beaudion was out on $100,000 bond set in March when he was arrested on three counts of Contractor Fraud.

Simco Morris

Simco Morris, b/m, 23, of 1414 Hwy 1 Apt. 402, Powhatan, received 9 months in the Dept. of Corrections following a plea bargain in district court Feb. 20. Morris, represented by Taylor Townsend, faced charges of illegal possession of stolen things.

Those charges were dismissed and he pled guilty to the charge of introduction of contraband into a penal institution, specifically a cell phone. Morris received credit for time served. The sentence is to run consecutive to any other sentences.

Judge Desiree Dyess presided. ADA Amanda McClung represented the state.