JT Lagniappe for March 9, 2019


JT was saddened several years ago when the school board decided to cut down the blooming Bradford pear trees that lined the central office building lot. They were simply beautiful. JT’s memory is a little fuzzy but it seems the trees had invaded the attic and were causing trouble with vermin getting in the building. At the time it seemed like an extreme measure.

But now those board members have been redeemed. A news story from South Carolina terms them “Frankenstein” trees and recommends cutting them down. The story says “These harbingers of spring have an evil side that is so vile they should e eliminated.” In the forest they grow like weeds, create dense thickets with sharp thorns and threaten native species and the quality of wood that might be harvested for paper and wood production according to the Forestry Commission.

Who would have thought the school board would have had such insight! Despite the stern warning from the foresters, there are still some who defend their beauty and color.


Well, it’s official…for the time being anyway. Sheriff Victor Jones announced he will not seek re-election. Nothing’s really official until qualifying for office ends and that’s not until August. But, considering his long and distinguished career in law enforcement, JT knows if Victor says it…you can take it to the bank. Now the posturing begins. Will someone from inside the Department step up or will someone from the outside toss their name into the hat. Sheriff Jones is putting his confidence in Stuart Wright by naming him as his successor at a press conference. Not long ago, JT heard Josh Axsom just might step into the race. ——-

Speaking of the Sheriff’s office….JT looks for a ripple effect to possibly take place. For all these years the deputies have had job security with Victor. There are a lot of long time officers that just might opt to take it to the house. That of course, depends upon who within the department seeks the high sheriff office. We have to go back to the late Norm Fletcher’s term as Sheriff when some of the deputies he let go when he took office filed suit against him. They eventually lost their case because the deputies serve at the pleasure of the Sheriff. ——-