Miley approved as City finance director

Debbie Miley

By Carolyn Roy,

The City Council approved the appointment of Debbie Miley as finance director Monday at the council meeting. The only dissenting vote was from Sylvia Morrow. Miley has been treasurer for Parish Government for 13 years. She will start with the City March 25. Most of the meeting was about a request by Harold Foster to renew a lease at a hangar at Natchitoches Regional Airport.

While an individual can purchase a hangar, the property on which it is located belongs to the City and the owner leases that property from the City. When ownership of the hangar changes, the first owner must assign the lease to the new owner. Foster wants to renew the lease but so far has failed to furnish the City with the assignment of the lease that he should have received from the original owner, Marc Milligan. City Attorney Ronald Corkern said the issue goes back go 2015 when Foster first asked for the assignment of lease from Millikan. Questions at that time arose because Foster had no pilot’s license and did not own a plane which are requirements to own a hangar.

He still has no license and has only part-ownership in a plane. Corkern has contacted Foster numerous times by email since 2017 but has not received the assignment of lease. “I’ve told Mr. Foster we needed an assignment of lease from Mr. Millikan,” Corkern said. Foster attempted to get the lease renewed from the airport commission that referred it to the City Council. Airport Director Larry Cooper told the Council that he had no contract from Foster who had no assigned lease and who had purchased no fuel. He said Foster had no certificate of insurance until Monday.

“My recommendation is no lease,” Cooper said. After much more discussion from Foster and insinuations of the council being against him in favor of others, Posey said the issue would be addressed at the next meeting after more investigation.

The next meeting will be Monday, March 25.