Roads issue: Citizen perspective

Randall Quick of Ashland, at right, assists an Ecco Ride employee in hooking up an Ecco Ride pickup to get a school bus out of the mud Tuesday on Robert Coffey Road in Village of Ashland.

By Juanice Gray,

At the same time I was gathering information for the article on the road facts, the Natchitoches Times Facebook feed and website comments on parish roads and the road tax were coming fast and furiously. Citizens have a perspective from the opposite side of the looking glass than Parish Government. The residents deal with the potholes, mud pits, getting stuck and vehicle repairs thereby creating frustration. Dealing with the finances of operating a public works department or government body falls to those who serve them.

In giving equal time to the people as well as the governmental agencies, the following are comments from Natchitoches Parish residents. The Times welcomes a response from Parish Government.

•The roads weren’t good but we’re better maintained before Nowlin. Maybe they should take the salaries … and pay for the roads. Why should they be allowed to raise taxes if they have a proven track record of not using the money for road repair?

•Ask your parish representatives,they spending all the money to make Natchitoches look good and to … with the wards

•We have pot holes so big, kids think they are swimming pools. It is beyond reprehensible. With the lotto money in the general fund, ( I will double check that it is) I don’t believe our roads should be in the condition they are in.

•I’m gonna need those people in power to do better and be better! I’m so sick of hearing that there’s no money. Never any money. But yet…. people that work for the NPGovernment are paid to do what? I don’t see them … I don’t see any work being done … Like. Show me proof. I would love to see it!

My Mother wrote this for the Mora Community in 1972. I don’t think anything been done since. The roads are horrible and just keep getting worse.