District Court declares Campti Mayor’s office vacant


District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington announced today that the 10th Judicial District
Court has ruled in the matter regarding the domicile of Campti Mayor Mozella
Jeanetter Bell.
Upon two complaints from registered voters in Campti alleging Bell did not reside in the
jurisdictional limits of the town, District Attorney Harrington filed suit to declare the office
vacant. The suit stated that Bell does not meet the qualifications and continuing
domiciliary requirements to hold the office as Mayor.
In the trial proceedings, Bell testified that she did not reside or have a domicile within
the jurisdictional limits of Campti at the time of candidate qualification and election.
The court’s ruling stated that Bell was never a resident or a domiciliary in within the
municipal limits of Campti.

Mozella Bell

10th Judicial District Court Judge Desiree Dyess presided over the trial and issued the
court ruling. Bell has five days in which she can appeal the District Court’s ruling.
Harrington stated, “This complaint was brought to our attention by two Campti
registered voters. After our investigation found that the Mayor did not reside within the
town limits, our office was required by law to file the petition. The court considered all
the evidence and testimony presented in trial and ruled accordingly.
This matter has created an opportunity for all other elected officials in the parish to
understand the residency requirements set in law and to ensure compliance.”
Assistant District Attorney Steven P. Mansour represented the District Attorney’s Office
in the case.