Massive cake resembling school’s new residence hall created for groundbreaking ceremony

The massive cake was crafted by Alex Jenkins ('88)

LSMSA alum Alex Jenkins, class of ’88, created a massive and detailed cake for the groundbreaking celebration of the school’s new residence hall last Wednesday. Jenkins used architectural renderings of the residence hall to design the cake as close to the actual building as possible.

The cake weighed over 200 pounds and served the 500 plus people who attended the ceremony. Jenkins creates cakes as a hobby and put in over 200 hours to make this one, with another alum Maggi Bienvenu helping for around 50 hours. They had to be extremely careful transporting the cake to the school and at first, the cake wouldn’t even fit through the front door. After finally getting it out the back door, they had to create a rolling contraption to carry the 200-pound dessert.

According to a Facebook post by LSMSA Director Steve Horton, his wife, Emilyn, jokingly asked Jenkins to create the cake “…and here you go…” Horton wrote that Jenkins, her husband Michael Herbert and Bienvenu were remarkable friends and the smiles of those at the ceremony showed how impressed they were of the cake.