Deputy Sheriff Stuart Wright announces candidacy for Natchitoches Parish Sheriff

Sheriff Stuart Wright

Deputy Sheriff Stuart Wright announced March 19 his candidacy for Natchitoches Parish Sheriff in the election to be held in October. Wright is seeking to replace Sheriff Victor Jones who announced last week he will retire at the end of the current term. Jones has publicly endorsed Wright’s candidacy.

“With over 35 years in law enforcement, working as a felony prosecutor in the District Attorney’s Office and as a deputy sheriff in the Sheriff’s Office, I am eager to present to the citizens my professional qualifications, career experience, and my vision for the future of the office,” said Wright. “We have a great Sheriff’s Office that is focused on serving the needs of this community and working to keep our citizens safe. We have been successful in these goals because of the leadership of Sheriff Victor Jones and the hard work of my fellow deputies.

As your next sheriff, I will continue to build on the success that Sheriff Jones has established. We will continue to focus on the critical priorities of the parish. First and foremost is citizen safety. Our team at the NPSO will continue to be visible, responsive, engaging, and pro-active in ensuring our citizens are as safe as possible in the parish. We will also continue to support our youth and community services which make such a positive impact and help so many folks in our parish, particularly children and senior citizens. I truly believe, as does Sheriff Jones, that the more people we can reach with these programs, the more our entire community will benefit.

Much of the success we have at the NPSO, whether it’s solving an investigation, reaching a senior citizen in need, or preventing criminal activity, is due to the active involvement and support we receive from the citizens. Our deputies are visible in the communities and on the roads every day and every night. However, involved and alert citizens are our best partners in this mission. We are so grateful to have so many citizens support our cause. As your next sheriff, I will continue to build on fostering positive and meaningful relationships with all community stakeholders, church and civic leaders, educators, and businesses in Natchitoches Parish,” said Wright.

Sheriff Jones offered his support for Wright’s campaign. “Stuart has proven his leadership and value to the NPSO time and time again. He has been my trusted confidant and advisor throughout his service at the Sheriff’s Office. Furthermore, Stuart has earned the trust and respect of his fellow law enforcement professionals who serve in this office. When I made the decision to retire at the end of this term, I was comforted knowing that the NPSO will continue to thrive under the leadership of Stuart Wright. In addition to his qualifications and experience, Stuart has the highest character and integrity you can ask for in a leader. I wholeheartedly endorse him to be the next sheriff of Natchitoches Parish,” said Jones.

Stuart Wright graduated from Natchitoches Central High School and Northwestern State University, where he was a member of the Demon football team. He earned his law degree from the LSU Law Center and practiced law in Natchitoches Parish. Wright served as First Assistant District Attorney for 28 years under former District Attorneys Mike Henry and now-Judge Van Kyzar, where he prosecuted felony criminal cases. He has served as a commissioned deputy sheriff and senior advisor to Sheriff Victor Jones for the last eight years.

Wright is married to Aimee Rabalais Wright for 41 years. They have three adult children and 11 grandchildren.

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