Movie filmed in Natchitoches to be shown at Cane River Film Festival


The Johnny Starr Story has been named an official selection as “Top Five” by the Cane River Film Festival. The festival is slated to run March 22-23 in Natchitoches.

The Johnny Starr Story follows reporter, Jason Hawkins, as he investigates the death of a rock star, Johnny Starr, and a cold case murder of District Attorney, Jack Hawkins, as he discovers the price of getting too close to the truth.

The movie is returning to Natchitoches for its first screening in the town, where it all started in June 2016. It took three-and-half days of filming in 10 locations throughout the City to complete.

Inspired by actual events the film explores how corruption, greed and a usurpation of power can effect generations of families in small town America for years to come.

The screening at the Cane River Film Festival marks the end of The Johnny Starr Story’s film festival circuit run.

“We have garnered strong support from festival film audiences, as well as notable awards,” said Director Israel Varela.

The film will be show March 23 at 6 p.m. at Natchitoches City Park.