Questionable calls lead to Lakeview’s loss in Montgomery

#14 Kadon Cook throws his first of 99 pitches of the game

By Ethan Smith, exclusive to the Times

The Times staff and readers welcome Ethan Smith of Goldonna as all-sports stringer for Lakeview High School.

The Lakeview Gators travelled to Montgomery for a varsity baseball game Monday, March 18. While in the first inning the Gators looked good, scoring a run off third-baseman Rafael Rosales’ double to left field, not much else went well for the Gators.

In the top of the fourth, the Gators down 2-1, left fielder Joe Gallien was walked and advanced to first. While taking his lead off, Coach Gannon called a base running play in hopes to score the runner, Isaac Coleman, where Gallien takes an odd lead off first in hopes to trick the defense.

A pickoff attempt was thrown to first and Gallien began the rundown, but was almost immediately called out by the umpire. The umpire apparently explained that Gallien didn’t take his original path to the base, which he did. The half-inning ended but Coach Gannon told his players they were still very much alive in the game. Then during the bottom of the fifth, Montgomery hit a fly ball to Gallien in left field which he cleanly caught, took about four steps, then dropped the ball on his transfer to throw.

The rules state it is still an out, yet the umpire called it an error and the runner was safe.

Frustrated with the call, Gallien threw his glove in the outfield which led him to be restricted to the bench the rest of the game. Many other questionable calls throughout the game caused Lakeview to lose control.

The Gators lost 11-1 after the sixth inning. Kaden Cook took the loss for the Gators throwing 99 pitches in five innings. Cook allowed eight runs on 12 hits, while striking out five. Rafael Rosales led the Gators with hits, going 3-3 with a double.

3B Rafael Rosales led the Gators in hits

Hopefully, Lakeview will be able to bounce back Thursday in an away game at Grace Christian in Alexandria.