DeFord work among the winners at Houston exhibition


A work by Matt DeFord, professor of art and head of the Department of Fine and Graphic Arts at Northwestern State University, was one of five winners in the Re:Houston virtual exhibition.

DeFord created a video piece called “Interior Silence,” which can be viewed at The exhibit is available on the app Popwalk, which makes virtual art available in a particular geographic location. DeFord’s piece is accessible at the grounds of the famous Rothko Chapel in Houston.

According to a description on Popwalk, “Re:Houston is an exhibition about rebuilding, remembering, rejuvenating, and reinventing Houston. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the whole world saw the resilience and sacrifice of Houston. As the city works on the difficult task of arising from that disaster Re:Houston gives artists from all over the globe an opportunity to commemorate those places within this great city that they love, remember those places that have been lost or changed, and celebrate the heroism of the individuals and the city itself.”

Artists can make an artwork for any location within the boundaries of Popwalk’s Houston map, and then users will discover the work by using the Popwalk app on their smart phone.

“Interior Silence”