Arrest reports: NPD for March 28, 2019


Natchitoches Police Department

Andrew Moore Jr., b/m, 42, 1120 Magnolia, interference, resisting, possession of CDS I and II, attempted carjacking.
Ladarrius Blake, b/m, 20, 500 North St., domestic abuse battery.
Derrick Roberson, b/m, 35, 500 North St. Q5, theft.
Travas D. Turner, b/m, 37, 1503 Dixie St., no rabies vaccination, no city tags, maintenance of premises, two counts aggravated cruelty to animals, 2 counts simple cruelty to animals.
Richard Stuvek, b/m, 18, 100 Lakeview 4307, criminal mischief.
Michelle Lynn Benjamin, b/f, 27, 815 Woodyard Drive, child desertion.
Dewondrick Garner, b/m, 32, 110 Key Drive, FTA
Frederick Smith, b/m, 29, 650 Jackson Drive, FTA
Billy Myles, b/m, 61, 915 Anita St., criminal mischief
Greg Demars, b/m, 22, 626 Winnona St., theft
Douglas Johnson, b/m, 37, 1012 Lake St., 2 counts possession of CDS II, possession of CDS I, obstruction of justice.
Randolph Collins II, b/m, 31, 124 Nelda Drive, Leesville, FTA
Chase Walker, w/m, 20, 444 Maricelli Road, Campti, FTA
John Jackson, b/m, 61, 504 Scott Loop, theft.
Darius Holmes, b/m, 35, 320 Pearl St., simple battery.
Karlenna Sawyer, b/f, 21, 727 Brahma Drive, FTA, simple battery.
Jose Vardogo, h/m, 42, 512 Rowena, FTA
Otis Smith, b/m, 1101 Clarence Drive, theft, remaining after being forbidden.
Arlannia Bobb, b/m, 28, 646 Jackson Drive, possession of sch. I marijuana
Shawanna Maxie, b/f, 23, 220 Fairgrounds Road, criminal damage to property.
Dante Charles, b/m, 25, 400 Fairgrounds Road, FTA
Otis Smith, b/m, 43, 1101 Clarence Drive, criminal trespassing
Alicia Demery, b/f, 31, 2212 Williams Ave., FTA
Russell Remo, b/m, 47, 720 Abbie Drive, 2 counts FTA
Marius Walker, b/m, 21, 7022 Waters Road, Shreveport, simple possession o f marijuana, obstruction of justice.
Charles Addison, b/m, 60, 1204 Lakeshore, possession of marijuana, possession of CDS II, obstruction of justice, no seat belt.
Cynthia Sykes, b/f, 58, 212 Tammye St., possession of CDS II.
Nathan Calloway, b/m, 39, 150 Caspari St., simples possession of marijuana
Kourtney King, b/m, 21, 141 Howell St., simple possession of marijuana.
Terrell Vaughn, b/m, 25, 1436 Grace Ave., 2 counts possession with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm in presence of CDS.
Richard Reliford, b/m, 26, 1318 Amulet St., possession w/intent CDS I, possession of CDS I, possession of CDS II, possession of CDS IV, possession of a firearm by convicted felon, possession of firearm in presence of CDS, possession of drug paraphernalia.
Edward Clark, b/m, 33, 143 Anne St., remaining on premises.
Ladedric Mabley, b/m, 18, 419 Lafayette St., simple possession of marijuana.
Eric Hudson, b/m, 21, 500 North St., E-1, simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia.
Joseph Daryl, b/m, 54, 295 Plantation Point, simple possession of CDS I marijuana
Brandi Smith, w/f, 37, 1815 South Drive., Lot 1318, theft over $1,000
Lonnie Parker, b/m, 22, 142 Howell St., simple possession of marijuana.
Ronnie Bradford, b/m, 31, 47 Jackson Bradford Road, Marthaville, possession w/intent CDS schedule II, second or subsequent offenses, 3 counts illegal use of CDS in presence of minor.
Re’Travion Lewis, b/m, 21, 1124 Allen St., theft.
Alexander Moses, b/m, 24, 151 Shamard, flight from an officer
Amanda Irvin, w/f, 39, 806 Watson Drive, theft, theft over $1,000
Derek Nash, b/m, 19, 1220 Mark St., contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
Roy Freeman Jr., b/m, 43, 1224 Sara St., 2 counts possession of Sch. I w/intent
Possession of a firearm by felon, possession of firearm in presence of CDS, possession of stolen firearm.